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Below is a draft story script for the Time Travellers Gothic murder mystery - Initial draft by Pigment SParker (and Ahoy SParker)

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Intro: See scene 12 (could start with Murderer in Prison...) or...

SCENE 01: Wide camera shot of the Railway travelling across England.

SCENE 02: Extra shot/ panorama view of the train travelling

SCENE 03: Inside the Train:

• walking shot along, tracking the corridor. Train is crowded, language everywhere. People chatting.

• Extra scene: close up, two ladies, talking about violence and fear

• Extra scene: medium shot of train through tunnel, dark, but lot’s of whispering, children noise, crying...tension!

SCENE 04: The night of Saturday, 9th July 1864.

• Wide shot of station platform. 9.50 p.m. train from Fenchurch Street on the North London Railway arrived at Hackney at about 10.11 p.m.

• Close up of newspaper boy, old newspaper, showing the date… Saturday, 9th July 1864.

• Medium shot: passenger leaving and boarding

• Two bank clerks enter an empty first-class carriage and sit down

SCENE 05: Inside the Train

• Medium shot, one clerk showing blood on his hand

• Close up shot of clerk in a panic

• Jumping up, calling the guard

• Guard running down the corridor

• View around the carriage, blood … (guard who made an examination of the compartment and found blood all over the cushions and on the off-side door)

• Medium shot of Guard - finds a black beaver hat, a stick, and a bag.

SCENE 06: Outside the train

• Outside: close up of guard, very properly, locked the door.

• Wide shot watching the guard leaving:

• Medium shot of guard calling/telegraphed Chalk Farm Station

SCENE 07: (Is this scene necessary?)

• Wide shot of train arriving at Chalk Farm Station

• Medium of guard meets station master

• Police arriving???

• The carriage detached and sent to Bow for examination and the hat and other articles were handed to the Metropolitan Police.

SCENE 08: The victim is found, on train tracks

• Wide shot: Train driver stopping

• Leaving train

• Close up: Finding an unconscious injured man

• Top O Morning Pub: Mr Briggs dies of his injury

SCENE 09: News scene

• Close up…Newspaper spinning, classic style...reward...

• Medium shot of street: People busy walking

• BOY CALLING: EXTRA EXTRA…and so on…Hackney Gazette sign...'Police take search to New York'

SCENE 10: Medium shot - on ship

• bow of ship (with name 'Victoria') pans to Muller standing

• close-up of ticket (destination New York) in hand

SCENE 11: Muller gets arrested

• Wide shot: police arrest Muller

• Close up: Muller’s face

• Medium: Mullerr struggling, taken to the police car locked up

• Wide shot: police car drives off along the long street

SCENE 12: Prison (could start with this scene ...then reminiscing)

• Medium: Muller, walks up and down, claiming his innocence

• Close up: shouting: ???

SCENE 13: Court Room...background audience required

• Wide shot - zooming into Muller on stand

• Close up: Muller’s face (pronounced guilty)

Synopsis: Final text (or audio narration) synopsis..Muller hanged, Instigation of Muller Lights on all new railway carriages etc...

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