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This is a public page designed to support the real-life workshop "Step out in Style" at the Virtual Worlds 2008 event at Stirling University on the 29th October 2008.

A number of us are using this space to collect ideas and useful links for the workshop itself. By all means leap in and help us develop it.

Workshop details

Date: 29th October 2008
Time: 10:45 - 12:15 (BST)
Venue: Stirling University
Presenters: Shri Footring (Shri Matova, TG: Amba SParker), Rebecca Ferguson (Marie Arnold, TG: Fox Phlox)
with in-world support from: Dr Steven Warburton

Rowan SParker / Tetra Paean

and real-world support from: Jane Edwards, Emodalek Schomer
Description You can be whoever you want to be in a virtual world where dressing with style need not break the bank! You will find a dazzling array of outfits and accessories in Second LifeTM. The techniques required to make them are based on a few basic underlying principles which are not difficult to apply. Can this ability to make “the clothes of your dreams” in a virtual world at insignificant cost be used to support learning? You decide.

This hands-on workshop will focus on activites involving the creation of new clothes and accessories. Participants will have the opportunity to talk with experts who have used these techniques in a learning and teaching environment.

Before the workshop Please ensure that you have a Second LifeTM avatar ready to use. Beginners welcome.

Click here to go to the page where you can sign up for an avatar (It doesn't cost anything to set up a basic account)
Once you have set up your avatar it would be helpful if you could go into Second LifeTM and work your way through the Orientation island. For more help on how to get into Second LifeTM check out the Second Life help page.

Workshop activities

During the workshop, we will have the chance to:

  • Show off our latest creations on the Emerge catwalk!

Throughout the session, participants will have the chance to talk with experts in-world. They will be able to discuss their experiences of what works well / less well in this environment and will be available to share ideas.

Schome Fashions
Rowan's changing style in Schome Park


Many thanks to all who are contributing to the design, content and delivery of this workshop. The idea of using the Schome wiki to support a real workshop was inspired by PeterT's approach to the Living and learning safely with the net workshop at the Open Univeristy.

The Schome Community (Schommunity): Everyone involved with the "Savvy Avvies" group which was inspiration for this workshop! This includes: Vibia Schomer, Mars Schomer, KitKatKid Schomer, Animus Schomer, Topper Schomer, Kathy Schomer, Dudefish Schomer, Steam Schomer, Emodalek Schomer, Gaea SParker,

Prime SParker, Alice SParker, Fox SParker, TheSchome Ranger (+ anyone else I've forgotten - either add your name or let me know)

JISC Emerge and OpenHabitat Project: Lawrie Phipps, Steve Warburton, Dave White, Graham Hibbert,

For letting us tap into their expertise and for the use of Emerge island and catwalk!

The Higher Education Academy: Sharon Waller, Debbie Flint
The London College of Fashion: Julia Gaimster, Andy Savery + Colleagues
Southapmton Solent University Suzie Norris-Reeves and Lisa Mann
The JISC Regional Support Centres: Jane Edwards, Kenji Lamb
The Organisers of and designers from SLLondon Fashion Week: Das Wade, Cleopatra Charleville and particularly Cherish Demonge for the offer of a freebie filled workshop goody bag!

Your help is very much appreciated, please feel free to add any futher relevant information below. (Please note that it is Schome policy to remove any links to commercial sites)

The Schome Community (Schommunity)

The JISC Emerge OpenHabitat Team

The Higher Education Academy

The Arts Design and Media Subject Centre

Academy JISC Collaboration

The London College of Fashion

The London College of fashion see their island in Second Life as a creative space. They have deliberately not re-created their campus or any classrooms and use it as a constantly changing area to enable the expression and development of new ideas.

The recent “Alice in Wonderland” exhibition attracted over 8,000 visitors.

The JISC Regional Support Centres

The JISC Regional Support Centres

SLLondon Fashion Week September 28th - 5th October