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Social Commitment

Project Leader: Kali Schomer
Associated forum discussion:

I want to know what everyone on the team has done to demonstrate your commitment to global issues, social justice and the community around you. My own list is below, so just add it on to it, with your name so i know who has done what etc. Thanks. -Kali

Activities done to demonstrate commitment to global issues, social justice and the community

  • Support Amnesty International - participates in sending christmas cards to people who have been wrongly imprisoned, joined the campaign to stop violence against women
  • Support Fairtrade - school has fairtrade sales in school every year, buy fairtrade goods (coffee, chocolate, bananas etc)
  • Help out at a residential elderly home during life skills lessons
  • Joined the anti-bullying campaign in school
  • Participated in debates about global issues and solutions to problems such as child poverty.
  • Support wrist-band campaigns such as Make Poverty History
  • Run school talks and debates on politics, economics, and development


  • helps out at the local kids care club
  • Not much else as my age limits volentry opportunity's etc....

This is what I have so far for this:

Our team, being different ages, attending different schools and having different cultural backgrounds, have all participated in many different activities that show a commitment to global issues, social justice and their local community. Many of our team have all supported charities by donating etc. Like many other young people, we have bought wristbands that support charities such as cancer research, as well as global charities like make poverty history. We have also supported organisations that strive for social justice, like Amnesty International and Fairtrade. One of our team member’s school runs Fairtrade stalls occasionally throughout the year. These stalls have food, drinks, bags, jewellery etc, all of which are Fairtrade, which ensures that the farmer, crafter etc makes a fair wage out of it. In support of Amnesty International, Christmas, or seasons greetings, cards have been sent to those who have been falsely imprisoned or have suffered another social injustice. Also, the campaign to stop worldwide violence against women was supported by a team member, who even helped to make banners and a montage to raise awareness in the school and local community. The team members help out in their local community in various ways. We are all from different communities, and so contribute in different ways. One team member helps out in a local elderly residential home, where they spend time with the residents, listen to old stories, make them cups of tea etc. Another member of our team assists at a local kids care club, where their activities are similar to those at the elderly home. As a team, we think that social justice should be of the utmost importance, which is why our team members believe strongly in anti-bullying campaigns.

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