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Welcome to the part of the Wiki on SkyLounge, part of the SkyBase. It's an area for you to lounge about in and have fun, and meet new people. There are activities to do, such as the bar etc, and there's of course, the SkyGallery.

I hope you are not serving alcohol in the bar - cos that would be in breach of LL regulations (cos Schome Park is a PG island) PeterT 17:55, 25 March 2007 (BST)

haha, no it's all fake :P SkyLounge

Why not hang out with us on the ground floor of SkyBase? Meet new people, interact with the staff and build your own objects! We've got a staff office so the staff can be there to keep an eye on things and we've even got a bar room! We'd like you to experiment with building on SL, so we're allowing you to create your inventions on our floor. However, please keep them low prim so the island doesn't fill up in a blink.


Here's your chance to show off your inventions in SkyBase. Just give it to mars In-World who'll add it to the gallery. We'll also accept your pictures and signs too! There's no fee to come in so sneak a peek at what everyone else is up to!

WE OPERATE A GREEN SCHEME. Please delete your objects once you're done with them unless you wish for them to go in the gallery.

Thanks everyone, see ya soon!