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This is the teleporter that will take you to SkyBase@250

SkyBase@250 is a new development 250m above the ground of Schome Park. The easiest way to get to it is to use the teleporter (picture to the left) that is located in the Scho-op (or click on its slurl. You use this by right clicking the purple sign and selecting 'teleport' from the pie menu. Of course, if you have a flight feather and feel up to the challenge, you could always try and locate your way up through the clouds to SkyHigh, though that's easier said than done.

SkyHigh is changing all the time, so why not get onto Schome Park and make your way 250m above ground level to see what all the fuss is about?

Volunteers to help out are needed, please, if you want to be part of the biggest things to hit Schome Park, visit Join SkyHigh.

If you want to ask us questions or make suggestions about how we could improve SkyHigh then join our discussing topic - we need your input.


The following people are currently working on SkyBase@250. Note that this is incomplete; if you are working on it and aren't on this list, please add yourself and your position (if unsure ask Aston or Baso.

  • Baso Schomer - Director of SkyBase
  • Aston Schomer - Director of SkyBase


Baso Schomer would like to thanks the following people for all their hard workand contributions in making and designing SkyHigh@250 and for being very good at their jobs:-

  • TibbieFairy Schomer
  • Trixxiee Schomer
  • Achilles Schomer
  • Aston Schomer
  • Decimus Schomer
  • Dollopfrog2 Schomer
  • Faz Schomer
  • Marsbar9 Schomer

And the following staff for their contributions to the idea and funding:-

  • Woop Kamachi
  • TheSchome Ranger
  • Siobhan Nishi
  • Rowan Falta
  • Mark Caberet
  • Faji Bling
  • Elsa Dixon

You're All Stars, Truely, up at SkyHigh we see you at night.

And Remember -
The Sky's The Limit with Sky High @250

(It really is because due to experimentation, there is no limit on the sky!!!!)

I doubt it. I expect that there will be a limit (but I don't know what it is; probably something huge anyway... --Decimus 23:52, 10 April 2007 (BST)
Baso at 1 Million Metres

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