SkyBase Function Room

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This Is The Newest Addition to Sky-Base under high request. Basically...this is wat it says it is.

It is a function room, for parties, meetings, discos, chess compitions, old granny balls, football competitions, weddings?

It can be used for anything you want to use it for so long as you follow the rules

The Rules

  • You must tell Aston or Baso prior to using the room that you wish to use it(so we know hu uses it etc)
  • You must remove all trace of your usage after the event (otherwise this will be classed as vandalism and will be dealt with seriously)
  • You must not breach the AUP using this (otherwise you get kiked of the project)
  • You Must Not Greif / Build Thousands of Prims (It Takes forever to clean up and you will most likely get suspended from the project)
  • You Must Have Fun (I mean, wats the point of wasting ur time if not having fun?)

Breach of these rules will result in banning from the usage of this and posibly very serious punishments, but ur al to cool to breach them aren't you?