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OK! Let's get on with it, then!

First things first, who would like to participate? Please add your name below! All are welcome. Also add what you are either good at or interested in learning!

Thank for your help editing this page! I do find the wiki editor somewhat ... difficult!

Interested Participants

  • Yankee Sparker - good at planning, communicating, organizing. Want to learn building, scripting, Second Life designing
  • KitKatKid Schomer - good at working as a team member. Wishes to learn proper building techniques and basic scripting!
  • Marko Schomer - good at scripting and building. Wants to assist where necessary, and see how the physics works.
  • Marsbar9 - will only help if needed, this needs to be your project.
  • achilles schomer - willing and able to help in building and holodeck technologies- though it is your project
  • Jpskater777- somewhat good at building. Wants to learn how to script and create something really cool.
  • Emodalek schomer- can build some basic elements of parks and would like to learn more about scripting.

Please Join Our Build Group

We have created a group for the build called Skate Park Build Team. This will allow us to modify each other's prims. Membership is free. Everyone has the same title. I'll sort out the permission stuff soon. The only requirement of joining is you must be an active member of the build. Thanks!

Planning Process

Ok ... here is where we stand!

We have a lot of stuff up on the platform we've created. We're all learning and experimenting which is good. How about we set a time to go in-world and come up with some basic design ideas, then build what we can and see how it works?

We will need those people who have placed items on the platform to remove them (and possibly re-place them if we decide to use them). Crypto, specifically, did some great work which we'll want to save if we can.

We only have six days before the shutdown, any chance we can make this happen by then?