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This page was created by Faz Schomer


Breaking News!

....Back? - 7 January 2008

Back again?

With the prospects of an island redesign, Faz and Mars are looking into reviving the original Scho-op from the schome NAGTY pilot. The changes that would be made are that second steps would inhabit the second floor - complete with the features from the start and end of phase 2 that you loved, and shiny new ones - and the building would be brought up to date to cope with the extra needs of new SParkers in the third phase of the project, will these plans go ahead? Only time will tell.

Second Steps, back in business - 6 January 2008

With the incoming arival of SP3 Second Steps is getting ready for a brand new phase with wiki upgrades. That's right, along with the appearance of the new logo Second Steps is having a complete wiki page upgrade as well as taking on the Tutorials page. When phase 3 is underway we are going to completely redo all the tutorials to bring them right up to date, expect several new ones too!

Control panels to be installed - 29 August 2007

Control panels are soon to be installed in the Scho-op/Second Steps allowing avatars to select scho-op items from catagories. These panels will be placed in the centre of the left wall of the building.

Scho-op/Second Steps Sculpture competition - 28 August 2007

Creative? Like building? Then this is for you. The Scho-op/Second Steps sculpture competition gives you a chance to build a sculpture that will be part of Schome Park II's highstreet forever. Create a scholympia themed sculpture to go next to The scho-op/Second Steps building. Leave a space for a reasonable sized plaque and we will create a texture saying "created by Your name here Schomer/SParker". We suggest you use the Granite texture under 'rocks' in the library. Good luck!

Second Steps gets a room mate - 8 August 2007

After several weeks of discussion on the Schome community forum, residents of Schome Park II decided that Second Steps and The Scho-op should join forces. A poll was held to decide on the design of the Scho-op/Second Steps building. Faz Schomer's design 7.5 (see above ↑) was chosen with Explo Schomer's design 3.0 coming a close second place. The new Second Steps is in the same riverside location in the Schome Park II highstreet as before, right next to Achilles' newly built starting place for newbies and scholympia.

Building Layout


Floor: (X) 0.10m (Y) 16.292m (Z) 0.844m

walls: (X) 0.10m (Y) 16.695m (Z) 4.861m

Pillars: (X) 0.5m (Y) 0.5m (Z) 4.715m

Pictures and measurements coming soon.

The Second Steps group

The future of the Second Steps group has not yet been decided but we think it should carry on helping SParkers in need. The group was set up at the start of Schome Park II and has been used by those interested in helping avatars in Schome Park out. The original plan was to use the Second Steps help button to call these avatars if pressed, but for some reason the faulty help button script was never fixed.

What are Second Steps and the Scho-op?

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The Second Steps Help Group
Name Experience

SParker1, THS Member

  • topper Schomer illtry but im not very specilised!!!
  • Hapno Schomer: I'll be up there to help with any AI concernes....
  • Trixxiee - I can help with anything, as long as it's not building or scripting, including wiki and forums ;)
  • Aston Schomer - I'd be happy to help with anything except advanced scripting!
  • Decimus - I'd help with building and scripting stuff.
  • Daisy - I'll help with anything..
  • Prof- why not? I can help with building, among other things (thouhg not scripting :P)

Second Steps is a Schome Park safety department build

Click here to go to the safety department tutorials

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