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General - not grid specific

Main grid focused

Dave Taylor's blogg ( is all about Second Life and provides links to more info about interesting places/events in SL. Dave works for the National Physical Laboratory.

A New York City middle school exploring SL (blog)

The list of universities who have locations in SL

Second Life Education Wiki
-Proceedings of the Second Life Education Workshop (August 20th. August 2006)

Metalab: "Creating and exploring tools for online learning events within Second Life"

VITAL Lab at Ohio University - overview of a good range of SL projects

101 Uses for Second Life in the College Classroom

Teen Grid focused

Global Kids - one of the larger/more well known teen programmes - lots of podcasts, etc here and blogging about development of Global Kids

Rampo island blogg - First Middle school in SL

Education projects on the Teen Grid - A Glimpse - covered by LL themselves

What are Kids learning in Virtual Worlds? - a conference sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation looking at evidence about the educational relevance of virtual worlds (including Second Life)
The conference website
Video of the conference

International Schools Island (ISI) - a commercial set up focussed initially on providing access to Second Life (and info about it) for folk in S.E.Asia - has some useful material on the website ...