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Second Life


Video & comments

Educational opportunities
Student-created video on educational uses of Second Life
English Village
The Text 100 movie
The ants-in-SecondLife movie I think it links in with stuff about swarming that Wooop was working on last year, and also with the AI work which is now going on on Schome Park.

The robbie dingo guitar movie This really gives a flavour of what SecondLife could offer, and it's so short you can download it and put it on your ipod

Watch the world(s) Another by Robbie Dingo. A beautiful demonstration of how Second Life allows you to reshape your world.

Ohio University
Second Life campus
Why is it that institutions tend to replicate the real-world classroom rather than build something new?

IBM advert for their Greater IBM community
This is quite funny - but doesn't really give much of an insight into why on earth you'd want to use Second Life ...

The Media Zoo
The University of Leicester (Gilly Salmon) and TwoFour media are collaborating on research and development about how to use Second Life to support learning in higher education - this is there promo video (released in December 2007)

Teen Second Life

Schome Park videos


Video & comments

The Lemonade Stand
The Better Sasquatch Wedding
Schome Philharmonic Part 1
Schome Philharmonic Part 2
The Chess Game
Schome Park Tea Party
Overview of Schome (well Schome Park anyway)
X-Wing Dealership
A Trip to the Moon
Amba's Schome Park tour - work in progress! (15-February-2008)
Schome Park overview (1-March-2007)
The wedding
The motorpig
The Hindenburg disaster - A machinima made by members of Schome Park
Murder of a gentleman - A machinima made by members of Schome Park

Other Teen Grid videos


Video & comments

So that's what the TeenGrid looks like

Video tutorials


Video & comments

Making a bridge in Second Life
Second Life construction video
Torley's Advanced Snapshot Magic

Website links

The SLCC proceedings - meant to be great for explaining the educational potential of SL:

Linden Lab made a handout aimed at educators:

Jeff McNeill's playlist for Second Life videos on YouTube:

The NMC Seriously Engaging movie. Streaming and downloadable versions available at:

Second Health Movies - exploring visions of future health provision