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SchomeBase is our island on the Main Grid, sited alongside the OU island Open Life.

The photos on this page are in response to requests from the teen Schomers to see what we're up to.

If you are doing stuff on SchomeBase then why not tell everyone about it ...

If you want upload rights so you can add pictures (which really does enhance things) then email

What will SchomeBase have?

nOUbie Welcome Centre

An area where folk who teleport to the island arrive - with orientation stuff, buddy boards, noticeboards telling them about SchomeBase and an events schedule for activities.

Schomebase will take on a momentum of its own, with no one person or group will be controlling everything that happens, so we will have a signpost to this wiki.

Group Meeting Place/Presentation area

We know that if we have lots of people in SecondLife it gets slow or crashes. Therefore our main meeting place is fairly static, without animations, but is a place we can use in different ways. It is easy to landmark, and easy to spot.

This area is also a space where we can do large lectures and showcase things we already have. It could be used for:

  • lectures or the starting point for tours of other sites
  • renting out for a confererence or to host our own presentations
  • presenting some of the resources we already have (in the real world), such as all the recorded lectures from prominent people

There are a variety of configurations for using this space... you can see.

Discussion areas

There are several informal discussion areas, with space for one or two to quite a few people:

The tyre is a swing out over the lake This area will have resources to rez on demand

Another meeting place - if you look carefully sometimes you can see a rat running round this area.  His name is Scrat A good place for lots of peope to sit and have a discussion

The Topiary Garden is for UK Educators to hang out and talk about their projects (and other stuff) This area will be used by a group from Nottingham University


This will have a plan layout of the island with teleports to all the main points.

Fun Stuff

Things that are entertaining to discover and make you want to come back and look for more.

Elsa tinkles the ivories on the side of the mountain The red ball enables you to perform a variety of dives into the lake

There is an ice-skating rink at the top of the mountain These drums will all play different beats that synch together - really funky if you get a group playing

How could there not be a Scho-Op? All the usual groceries! After a hard days work, Elsa likes to chill in a rocking chair with a view

Suggestion box

A box folk can post a notecard in - which is then automatically emailed to a rw email account (eg - though that doesn't exist yet).

Migrating from SchomeBase to Schome Park

Some tips from the SLEDT list


Doing a shopping trip on the MG for equipment before your avatar is transferred over to TG is always a great idea! I recommend assembling a shopping list of everything you think you'll need (an easy way to do this is to browse SLExchange/SLBoutique) and then going out and buying it up.

Any object you buy on MG should transfer with your avatar, though there may be some cases where the item's scripting will not function on TG – but these items usually involve some kind of communications connection to a place/item on MG, so common sense reasoning should tell you in advance whether such an item is likely to work or not on TG if the source that the item 'talks' to does not exist on TG (which is an entirely separate entity from MG). In general, because Teen SL uses the very same client software as adult SL – indeed, if you have both a teen educator and a personal account then you can change grids just by changing your name on the login screen, though your personal account will not be able to interact with your teen one or exchange items bought on MG – what works on MG should work on TG (though Claudia Linden recommends creating items/buildings on TG whenever possible in order to minimize the likelihood of broken scripts).