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Editing the Schome Second Life Noticeboards

1. Download a template from this page
2. Open template file in editor package
3. Add information as required for your new notice
4. Save the file as a jpeg with a new appropriate (easy for you to distinguish) title
5. Log into Second Life
6. Select upload new image
7. Select the jpeg you just made wherever it might be on your hard drive
8. When it's uploaded right click on the noticeboard you wish to change and select EDIT
9. Check the box 'edit linked parts' (towards the top left of the edit panel when extended, bottom left if collapsed)
10. Then click on the image portion of the noticeboard
11. Click on the Texture tab in the edit menu
12. You should see that the texture selected is the one currently being displayed. Click on that texture (in the edit menu)
13. A new window should open from which you should navigate to the file you just uploaded (it should be in the 'textures' folder)
14. Click on your new noticeboard image and click the select button
15. You should be good to go, close the edit menu.

Style Guidelines

The current crop of noticeboards follow the following simple guidelines.

Font colour: black (hex: #000000)

Titles .eg. 'Induction Sessions'
Verdana 26pt bold

Content .eg. 'March 23rd 10-11am'
Verdana 24pt

Sub-content .eg. 'click this object to visit the sign-up page'
Verdana 22pt italic

JPG Templates






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