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Inaugural event

A starting event, or maybe a group of them to deal with the avatar limit. People like ritual events. and it would be a chance for the builders amongst the group to work towards something they can show off, a firework display in world, etc...

Suggestions for this event include:

  • Fireworks
  • Really big bonfire
  • Sparklers
  • Instead of glow bands, we could give people a range of shining clothing (if that doesn't induce too much lag). Then we could force darkness on the island, set off the fireworks, and shimmer at each other in our glowing suits/shoes/hats/dresses/whatever.
  • Get Kieron's spaceship to circle overhead doing a laser light show?
  • Lots of chances for getting involved, so people are participating and getting to know each other right from the start.
  • Welcome people to the island by giving them a box of dance scripts to try out on one of Dan's many dance floors.
  • Switch on a snow machine and take a party skiing on our mountain.
  • Give everyone a tree and tell them to plant it somewhere on the island. Seems like a good thing to do at a spring festival / event, and it gives some sense of ownership. Anyone who was interested, we could show them how to script their tree to talk when touched (I've only ever written one script and it was a talking object script, so I know it's really easy).


Sailing is an interesting demonstration of SL capabilities, because to enable sailing has required considerable implementation of a physics model, geographical design and, of course, design of the sailboats. The winds appear to have a substantial chaotic structure.

The environment is sufficiently well implemented to allow racing, and there are lessons in-world in how to sail various boats. Most of the lessons apply directly to real life (responding to the wind, tacking, rules of racing etc.), and of course it is an example of "Learning by Doing": this ought to be a main benefit of SL education.

If you fancy trying sailing out, contact Martin Pattle in world.

Team games

  • It helps to post up rules and instructions in advance of the game - everything takes twice as long in SL as in real life
  • Games are good because if they work well, they are fun, and are icebreakers.
  • Schome people are good sports
  • Giving instructions is time consuming. A pre-written text would have been more efficient (a "virtual hand out").
  • Chat couldn't be heard at a distance. Better method of communication required?
  • Having a second ref worked well.