Second Life - Problems

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Problems accessing Second Life

People at the Open University and in many other environments cannot access Second Life due to firewalls. Those without firewall problems may well experience problems with the technology - the minimum specifications for hardware are set fairly high, and the broadband connection needs to be good.

possible sections

  • Hardware issues (high enough spec machine, graphics card, sound card)
  • Network issues (fast enough network connection, firewalls and proxies issues)
  • Autonomy issues (permission to access SL)

Difficulties when in Second Life

Second Life is intimidating for those who are not technologically minded. We need to have some sort of help or mentoring scheme in place or to make use of a buddy system.

possible sections

  • Difficulties using the interface
  • Difficulties understanding the world of SL
  • Difficulties interacting with others in SL
  • Difficulties building or scripting in SL