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This page provides links to info about things we are doing in Second Life and Teen Second Life as well as 'useful links' and other info about Second Life itself. Please also check the schome in Second Life discussion going on at the the schome community forum.

Site map

If you're having trouble finding your way round the SecondLife wiki, check the Second Life site map. This was correct on 9 December 2006, though the site is changing quickly, so you may find things have moved on.

Who are we and why are we interested in Second Life?

Having discovered just how hard it is for folk to think in a creative (out of the box) yet grounded (addressing the things that an education system needs to provide) way about visions for schome we thought that using a virtual reality world might help - by providing folk with a 'lived experience' of something radically different. Second Life looks like the best available virtual reality world for our purposes ....

See Why use Second Life for more details of our thinking about how Second Life might be of value to developing visions of schome.

The Second Life Who's Who shows who we are and provides links to our user pages.

Please add yourself to the list and add a snapshot of your avatar so we can recognise you.
See details of our meetings at the Open University and in Second Life. Plus our Field trip to Spaceport Alpha.

Where are we?

Schomebase is our island in Second Life. Check its bliki to see how it is developing over time. To get to SchomeBase go to
You'll find younger members of the team in Teen SecondLife at Schome Park. Check out its bliki to see how it is developing and being used, and what we think about the separation between the Teen Grid and the Main Grid. Discussion about what we will be doing in Schome Park is here.

Cetlment.jpg CETLment, looked after by Jacqui, was the first place we experimented on (thanks Jacqui!) and we still work here. Find out more about Cetlment Island.

What are we doing?

If you want to suggest something that we might do in Second Life then start a new topic in the Second Life Project Proposals board in the forum.

We have lots of ideas, which are documented on:

We are also exploring the range of activities you can engage in in Second life on the Second Life Behaviours page.

Are we acting ethically?

Being good reflective academic researchers we're considering how we operate within Second Life and the project as a whole. This means issues internal to SL such as identity, logging data and anonymity, and also external to SL such as how the SL owners operate, and what we take out of our research. Issues are discussed further in Second Life Ethics.

I need help!

If you're stuck in your Second Life work, try checking out these links first of all.

Orientation.jpg Second Life Help - a page in WikiWorks with hints and tips on using SL - a shared knowledge base.

Linden Scripting Language wiki (mirror: main site down)

Frequently Asked Questions about Second Life

If you need help using or editing this wiki, contact Mark or Fox or post a question to the FAQs.


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Places in Second Life

Discussion about Second Life

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