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As we get more involved with Second Life it's becoming clear that we need to find and share useful scripts. This page is a list of scripting resources we've found, and scripts we're working on (some complete, and some still in production).

We've put up several of the scripts that we have developed - you are welcome to use them in your projects as you will but please give us credit and include in the comments a link to the schome project:

Scripts on the Schome Wiki


Please put your name next to the script so if somebody has a problem they know who the local expert is.

Building/Prim changing
Very elaborate airlock - Olly
Sliding double doors - Olly
Swing door that opens on walking into it - Olly
Rotating door with button - Olly
Cafe Stool - Fox
Noticeboard (XYText) - Mark - many thanks to AngryBeth Shortbread for her help
Online Indicator script - Dan
Floating text - Mark found on the web
Particle Generator - Mark found on the web
The big holodeck
Colour change script - text-activated colour changing
Hide/show script - text-activated disappearance and reappearance
Toggling Rotate script - Decimus, extended from the normal rotate script
Script that makes something turn invisible and phantom - Wheelo Schomer
Rez script - Wheelo Schomer
Texture changer - Decimus

Sit script - Mars
Sensor script - Dan
Schome help script - Dan
Object teleport device - Mark found on the web
Pendulum Script - for timing things ...
Synchronize - Synchronize multiple scripts to begin at the same time - Olly.
Two-dimensional array library - Decimus (not currently usable for 3+-dimentional arrays)
Channel spier - Decimus
Skyjet ring script - Records time and accuracy of skyjets passing through it.
UUID-getter script - Decimus
SPD viewer - Decimus
Move-check scripts - Two scripts (for script memory reasons) which check whether a chess move is legal. Marko

Person Cannon - Olly

Set library - Decimus
Question bot - Wheelo Schomer
Swarming fish script - Put into fish inside a sphere governed by the swarming controller script, causes swarming behaviour.
Swarming controller script - Put into large, non-physical sphere, governs swarming behaviour.

Under development/ need help with...

Hawiian Shirt help button - Olly

Cannon ball Cannon--Olly

Script for a coded door, but I can't get it to work :S. --Marsbar9 Schomer 10:49, 18 April 2007 (BST)

Sandworm Scripts--Explo-present problem is with vehicle script, but I've put the worm-like movement script up as well in the hope that it could be improved.

External Scripting Resources

An LSL Tutorial
LSL Wiki Example Scripts
LSL Wiki Script Library
Second Life Resources Script Library/Texture Library
Katharine's Open Source Script Library
LSL complete alphabetical function list
LSL events list
Tutorials for budding fashion designers. Make new shoes, flex your wings...
Bromley College scripting tutorial in world
How to customise your Second Life T-shirt using Photo Shop
Dr.Dobbs - "Using the Linden Scripting Language"
Sailing boat script (haven't tried it, don't know if it's all there - Mark Cabaret)
Vehicle scripting tutorial - pretty complex
How to make tiny prims video (Torley Linden)