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Several of us thought it might be fun and useful to have a series of screencasts about how to use the Forum and Wiki with the help of free recording tools like

Anyone want in?

Could be easy and a great help to the Schommunity.

Thoughts please!

This isn't an official project quite yet, once it is, we can toss it onto the Events page!


Yes, great Yankee. I hereby deem it an 'official project' through no particular authority whatsoever!

I am now going to offer some brilliant ideas.... What we need are very easy-to-access- ie. top level tutorials that include the following:

When you first log into the forum you should set all the messages as having been read - cos then you can just focus on new messages ...

For some folk setting up the notification facility may be useful - so you get an email when someone posts in a board you are particularly interested in

How to put hot links into forum messages (and that you should always do so when referring out to pages in the wiki)

How to find stuff in the forum and wiki (searching techniques)

Basic wiki editing - how to update your userpage, how to edit the Schome Park Events page

Yup OK I could call those brilliant cos they weren't actually my ideas but those of the schomeranger. I would say we have to be really really basic and include how to set up your profile in the forum and make a posting.

It would be really good if somehow somebody could arrange to befriend any newbies in real life and actually watch them (and help!) in RL try to get to grips with Schome.


Meeting Planned: Thursday 03-Apr 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm GMT (approximate)

Location: Schome Park Alpha (IM Yankee Sparker for a TP)

Purpose: Discuss the possibility of creating a catalogue of instructional videos for use of the 1) Forum, 2) Wiki, and possibly 3) Schome Park, in the hopes of making it easier for new users to get up to speed.

Attending: Yankee Sparker, Rowan Sparker, Merlin Sparker, Euphloozie Phlox

This meeting actually didn't happen as planned due to schedules. Need to regroup and reschedule...