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This page ought to be called Schome activities, projects and programmes - it covers all three.

Activity is vital - because it provides the focal point for building the schome community and develop our thinking about the aims of education and our visions for how to achieve those aims.

This page provides a list of schome community programmes/projects/activities past and present:

The Schome Park Programme

Phase 1 - The schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot

  • January to April 2007
  • Funded by NAGTY and the Innovation Unit
  • Working with 13 to 17 year olds (who had been identified as being 'gifted and talented') in Schome Park (our island in Teen Second Life virtual world

Phase 2 - The schome-Becta Teen Second Life Project

  • June to December 2007
  • Funded by Becta
  • Working with 13 to 17 year olds in Schome Park

Phase 3

  • June to December 2007
  • Funded by CREET and PLAC
  • Working with 13 to 17 year olds in Schome Park


The Aspire Pilot

  • March 2006 to March 2007
  • Funded by NESTA
  • Working face to face with students (and staff) in two contrasting secondary schools - working on 'provocations' (anything which would provoke other people to think more creatively about what schome (the education system for the learning age) should be like
  • URL =

ASPIRE South West

  • October 07 to October 08
  • Funded by the QCA and South West Gate
  • Working to enable pupils, parents and teachers in ten primary and secondary schools in the South West to collaborate together to foster creative and Aspirational work in their schools, and to define metrics appropriate to their own schools - building on the Aspire Pilot.
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Vision focus groups

We (PeterT, Kieron S, Sue Bucknall) carried out a number of focus groups - with folk like home educators, initial teacher trainers, members of IFIP (who were mainly academics interested in the use of new technologies to enhance learning), etc..

See Sheeky and Bucknall (2008) for info about the outcomes of a subset of these focus groups.

Review of education systems and approaches

This led to the Educational Programmes Typology (Rix & Twining 2007).


Rix and Twining (2007) Exploring education systems: towards a typology for future learning?. Educational Research, 49(4), pp329-341. (viewed 20-Jan-2008)

Sheehy, K. & Bucknall, S. (2008) Young people's Visions of Future educational systems. Learning, Media and Technology, Vol 3, No 2, pp101-114. (viewed 10-Oct-08)