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From the video: How to Alt-Zoom camera by Moo Money

With thanks to Alt-Zoom for providing this free tool.

Step 1: Wear an artsy outfit.
Step 2: Get your free copy of Alt-Zoom camera
(Fox brought some across from the Main Grid – get yours from her)
Step 3: Rez your camera
(Drag it from your inventory to the ground)
Step 4: Rotate camera
Proper placement: red on top
Blue facing the direction of filming
Raise the camera several metres in the air.
Step 5: Rez a waypoint
Proper placement: red on top
Green to your left
White on right / bottom
Raise the waypoint several metres in the air.
Step 6: Rez more waypoints
Try to space them out several metres apart in the direction you will be filming.
(This is fairly straightforward on a PC. If you find out which combination of keystrokes does the same thing on a Mac, please post it on the wiki.)
Step 7: Edit your waypoint descriptions
Make sure they are at least several seconds apart or the camera will orbit.
Step 8: Touch your waypoints to activate them.
Step 9: Begin filming
(Activate your Action! Gesture in your folder. Type /action to begin)

Helpful hints
Activate your debug menu CTRL / ALT / SHIFT / D
Turn off your UI: CTRL / ALT 1