Schome Session 1 outcomes

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This page is for the results of Schome_session_1.

Here is a short list of ideas people brought up, with comments by me (Decimus):

  • Trade-style learning (apprenticeships?) for less academic people
  • Learn everything at first (primary school?) then just learn needed stuff and be able to pick what you want (secondary school?)
  • Learn throughout your life, not just at one time (we already do this to a small extent, though we could spread more stuff out over longer)
  • Realistic tests, in simulators for example, rather than exams which give you unrealistic situations
  • Don't actually tell people when the tests are going to be, so they can't revise (revision puts stuff in your short-term memory, where you soon forget it. You really need it in your long-term memory, which is actually learning it...)
  • More life-oriented stuff
  • Teacher sets a subject and starts a conversation on it, which you can drive anywhere and even split the conversation.
  • Don't have to learn purely at school (encourage them to learn outside?)
  • Learn to your ability, not necessarily to a curriculum
  • Group people mainly by ability and loosely by age
  • Don't have to go to school if you don't want to; you can go when you do want to

(the last 5 happen on the NAGTY forums, I suppose, and they work quite well)

This all links with the key question about what the aims of education systems should be and how the education system (schome) might be organised to help meet those aims

There will be another session on the topic of education. To sign up go to the following page: Education_Session_2