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This is the page where you can find all the information about regattas past, present and future!

Past Regattas

Here is a report from the first regatta!
And another from the second.

Current Regattas

The 3rd Schome Park regatta is currently open for registration and is comeing soon, 4 races will be run with a minimum entry of 2 races even if you don't finish one.

Future Regattas

I (KitKatKid) set up a poll on the forum to see how many people would be interested. Currently 10 people have given a definite yes answer and 4 people a possibly.

These are the races that could possibly be involved :

Short Course

A short course (hence the name) possibly with more difficult corners.

Open Class

Any boat allowed to race.

Set Class

Everyone must use the same boat in the race.

Long Course

A longer course which may go around both of the islands, with easier corners.

Open Class

Any boat type allowed to race.

Set Class

Everyone must use the same boat!

Last Schomer Standing

Everyone starts in the race, at the end of each lap the last person is eliminated from the race.