Schome Publicity Pictures

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Our second Teen Grid island, Schome Beta
The start of the second phase of the project
Staff meeting on our Main Grid island, SchomeBase
Meeting led by students
Students and staff
Students and staff
A discussion on Exchange students
A discussion in Schome Park Beta
Easter Island statues made by student
SchomeBase, our island on the Main Grid
A discussion on creating molecules
A student-led tour of the island
SPii overview from sky. (Note: Click on it to get an extremely large version!)
Schome Alpha with Schome Beta in the background
SPii's Blue Mango from the river
Interactive art produced by students
A game of chess in progress
Ethics and Philosophy session
"How many people can we get on a lounger" - a game of teamwork
The first meeting in Schome Park
"Here comes the bride" - the first Schome Park wedding
Setting off fireworks
Students at a climate change lecture
London's mini ice-age - the climate change lecture
Observing the TRUTHS satellite
Interacting with a chatbot
General meeting
A view from the A.I. tower
Staff member
The mediaHUB, built by Marsbar9 Schomer