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I see Schome on the horizen, Schome on the moon,
Schomies are mad, Schomers are loons,
For I have no knowledge, no concept of peace
Now excsuse meee, whilst I attend to my neice!

For Schome is the future, Schome is the past.

If it fails, its humanities last.


The Hawaiian Shirts

Schome Park II is such a blast
Watching Newbies learn so Fast!
But don't forget when you were there
Second Life was quite a scare

So lets give it up for the Schome staff
Knowing you lot is such a good laugh
You helped us SParkers1's find our feet
Without you lot we wouldn't meet
All the new SParker2's
Who'll someday get to fill our shoes
Helping clear up all your mess
Come one, come all to the THS.

Faz Schomer

Bricks and Cement - about Faz Schomer

A figure stands atop a dome
A blue skinned man all on his own
He looks across the sparkling river
accross at all the bricks and cement.
He wonders what might have been
After all the things he's seen
the damaged souls
the filled in holes
the memories and the future.
Despised or loved
is there a difference?
For one brings the other
with it's own existence
Landscapes are shaped.
Buildings are built.
Vehicles are driven.
The irony falls upon him
a builder that does not believe in building
The architect or the Philosipher?
The cement is layed
the bricks are in place
the changing looks upon the face
of every Schomer young or old
for what can ever be foretold
of every project big or small
It all starts with the drop of a ball
you reach down to pick it up
but find your hand trapped

Don't get stuck in the cement
You'll only be bricked in..

Faz Schomer


Poems about life.


Like a magic trick, now you see it, and now you dont
Like a loan, you have to give it back
Like the cold breeze, a shiver and then your fine
Like the candle which burns, flickers and dies
Like the chocolate you lost down the back of the sofa last week
Like the leaves that drop off the trees in the autumn
Like the erosion of the cliffs, falling away, slowly

Do we ever appreciate the time we have?

Do we ever stop and think?

Should we care?

Life- now you have it...

Now you don't


The Devils Haiku

Time Is An Illusion

We don't Die Of Old Age

We Die Of Too Much Life

Faz Schomer

The World: As a Spiral

I See The World As A Spiral,
No Thought Out Structure To Its Core.
It's Like It Has A Mind Of It's Own,
But We Add To That Mind, More & More.
The World Goes This Way & That,
Goes Up And Down, And Round And Round,
Improvising As It Goes Along,
And Each One Of Us, Adds To This Great Big Mound.
The Leader Of This Mind, Is Us,
We Take The World Round & Round,
Good Things, And Bad Things,
Whirling Round Us Without A Sound.
I See The World As A Spiral,
No Thought Out Structure To Its Core.
It's Like It Has A Mind Of It's Own,
But We Add To That Mind, More & More.

Spiral Schomer