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Some of the different sections of Schome Park are pictured below. For more information, check out the Schome Park Intro Movie.

Info boards
Info board
Information about the island can be found here on the Schome wiki, and on noticeboards around the island. The best way of finding out what's going on is to ask. If you can't find a Schome Park Mentor, go to the Help stand in the middle of the Scho-op.
The Scho-op
Inside the Scho-op
The Scho-op is the place to find all the items you want. Go inside and touch the pictures on the walls to find out which things are available. If you find something you want, right-click on it and select 'Buy". Everything in the Scho-op is free.

Find out what's on offer

The DIY photobooth
The Skills Zone is immediately ahead of you when you arrive on Schome Park. Walk up the blue ramp and turn left for the DIY Photobooth. This area is a no-fly zone, so if you fall off, you'll have to start again. If you find that you have fallen underwater, just walk back to the island. You'll need to move the red part of the walkway into place in order to walk across to the Photobooth. Once you're there, use your Camera Controls (on the View menu) to line up your camera, then press Snapshot at the bottom of your screen to take a picture.
The Archipelago with its meeting spaces

Pink Place
Rocket chair on the ground
Rocket chair in flight
Rocket chair at the observatory
Game platform