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Life in Schome Park

Creation of a short video which gives a flavour of activities on Schome Park

Details Participants

Dates and Time: Various, from 22nd Jan - 8th Feb 2008
Venue: Schome Park
Max: None, all welcome to contribute in-world or via forum
Organiser: Schome Park residents with support from Amba Associated Forum Discussion: forum link

Create a short video consisting of screenshots from the wiki, forum and some machinima clips to give a flavour of 'Life in Schome Park'. Hope to work with machinima team and other interested folk. The hope is to use the completed video at a meeting on the Wednesday 13th February.

1 Amba Sparker
2 Kali
3 Mars
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Notes from Forum Discussion

Thanks to everyone who has contribute to this.

We are now at the end of this little mini project. If anyone who has any further machinima clips they would like included or any thoughts at all on the topic of what you like doing in SPP, please let me know of them via the forum discussion so that they can be included. Thanks.

Links to free screen capture software:

Useful site for music:

The Official Schome Park Machinima site:

Posssibility for the future use:

Earlier posts which discussed a lot of technicality:

Some other examples of machinima:

Progress Notes

2nd Feb Meeting:
1. Plan a 'storyline' (or is it a 'storyboard')?
2. Establish whether or not it is possible to film to reasonable quality video.

My experience so far is that editing video clips and setting them in time to music is not a problem, but filming to acceptable quality is! Unless I can work out how to do this, I may have to use PowerPoint after all! :o))

28th Jan:

1. Had a go at filming, editing, incorporating music and uploading. (very poor quality, disappointing results :-()
2. Experimented with various screen capture software.
3. Looked at examples of other machinima (and felt woefully inadequate)!

My main problems is the quality of the recorded video. It does not look good full screen and is not suitable for projecting onto a large screen. All help and advise very welcome.

22nd Jan:

  • What activites should be included?
  • What places should be shown?
  • What should we use for background music?
  • Does anyone have any existing machinima clips which could be incorporated?

A song from Dudefish's band: Media:Walk_On_Soundtrack.mp3 Is this suitable? I'd like to use it if no other offers or suggestions.

Mini Project Completion Date: 8th Feb 2008

If you have any problems with using this page - or if someone removes your name from the list without your agreement then post a message explaining the problem in the SL Help discussion.

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