Schome Park Regatta

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The 1st Schome Park Regatta was held on four consecutive evenings from Wednesday 11th April to Saturday 14th April.

Race classes are:-

               1. Power boat time trial over 2 laps of poweboat course.
               2. Sail race - sailboat 1 class. 10 laps of sail course, a fleet race.

N.B For the purposes of this regatta a powerboat is any vessel that can pass under the bridges whilst floating on the water, NO SUBMARINES!!

For a course map and more infomation about the marina please follow the link to Schome marina


To register for the event please see Achilles or Topper in world or add your name to the bottom of this page. Beginners and experienced sailors welcome to enter either or both events.

Social Side

If you dont fancy sailing come along and support, watch and dance.


Time trials

  • 1st Wheelo Schomer
  • 2nd Liony Schomer
  • 3rd Baso Schomer

Sails race

  • 1st Aston Schomer
  • 2nd Liony Schomer
  • 3rd Vibia Schomer

Thank you

The TMA Team