Schome Park Project joining instructions

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Welcome to the Schome Park Project

About time I hear you say ...

This page contains information on what you need to do in order to get ready to go to Schome Park - our island in Teen Second Life.

I know it's not the done thing - but please do work through these instructions:

  1. Read the acceptable use policy - I know you have signed twice to say you will abide by it but I really want you to read it - cos we take it very seriously and will kick you off the project if you abuse it!
  2. Install the Teen Second Life software
  3. Log in to Schome Park - you will find it more interesting if you log in at a time when there are other people about - check the Schome Park Events page to see when things are happening (all events are open to everybody).
  4. Have fun - and if you're not having fun let me know cos I may be able to help
If you want to post a message in the forum or edit a page in the wiki then login using your full avatar name (eg Something Schomer) and password.

If you run into problems post a message in the Help with Second Life discussion (remember not to reveal any personal information) - you are already registered for the forum but will have to log in using your avatar name (eg Something Schomer) and password (I can't remember my password).

Malone thinking about what to do next ...