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The Schome Park dictionary is where you can come to find out definitions of certain words in common use around Schome Park. Feel free to add in any definitions you may have yourself, or to amend any current ones.

There is an in-world 'viewer' for this; the scripts are here and Decimus has a version that he will give copies of to anyone who asks (when it works, which it currently doesn't).


Aston Schomer - (noun) the resident Lord of Schome Park. No-one knows why he is a lord, but that's beside the point. See 'Lord'

AUP - (noun) the law. This is pretty important, really

Automatic Popgun - (noun) a version of the popgun that has been made so that you only have to click once to fire a constant stream of bullets. See 'popball'

Ban The Person Above You Thread - (noun) a very important, popular thread on the forum, now cruelly deleted. See 'Epic'.

Beer - (noun) now illegal, used to be used to discover the whereabouts of a certain Pixxiee

Benign - (adjective) the description of our dictator. See 'Ranger', 'dictator'

Blue Mango, The - (noun) the new hang out in SPii, with very cool patterned sofas

Brain - (noun) Hapno's obesssion; if asked to partcipate in a test, please keep both hands over your craninum at all times, for fear of ending up like Hapno's dearly loved Trix, who is currently residing in a sanitorium (aka Schome Park)

Bubble Suit - (noun) see 'colour change', 'Wheelo'

Chatbot - (noun) an artifically intelligent object, able to talk to you through the use of AIML programming, a necessity for many SParkers. Not, however, to be confused with the SParkers themselves, although you can often get a more intelligent answer out of a chatbot

Coffee - (noun) sure sign of the Prof (a huge coffee drinker)

Confuzzed - (adjective) an altonym for 'confused'. From this comes the verb 'to confuzz'

Colour change - (verb) to change to certain colours whenever anyone says certain words within any piece of speech (eg, 'maroon' changes it to maroon) See 'Wheelo'


DaisyLou Schomer - (noun) Queen of the Flowers, normally known as Daisy, Dazee or variants. Often seen around the forum games area of the forum

Dear Departed, The - (noun) A group of SParkers once active on Schome Park but so far not spotted on SPii. So farewell then Dollopfrog and PrettykindofOrc.

Dancing - (verb) see 'meetings', 'Ranger', 'embarrassment', 'Schomics'

Decimus Schomer - (noun) a blue-skinned guy who doesn't really know why he has blue skin, has two gold-plated swords (for decorative purposes only!) and a giant 'halo', wears a leather jacket and has a hacker symbol with gnus in it on his shirt and, incidentally, is the resident God of Hacking and Free Software

Dictator - (noun) aka Ranger. Pretends he's benign when really he's plotting to steal all the staff's lightbulbs. See 'Ranger', 'benign'

Donation box - (noun) Catalyst for intense debate of economics.

Elsa SParker - (noun) formerly a staff member, now One of Us. Known for her bright coloured skin and wings, she passed the SParker initiation process with flying colours

Euphloozie SParker - (noun) one of the staff members who used to have a massive, red, 32-prim floaty skirt. See 'show-off'

E-Weddings - (noun) a joyous occasion only seen once in SPi. Another is due soon. Basically a huge party. See 'dancing', 'meetings'

Faz schomer - (noun) The friendly, short, cyan blue avatar with the infamous green and black striped tail. One of the original SParkers and the first to explore the wonders of editing your apearance. Currently one of the smallest avatars, so if you hear a voice it's best to look downwards. Although pleasent at most times, it's best not to insult as you may find yourself aflame or trapped in a giant invisible cube. See 'ego' and 'show-off'

Forum Games - (noun) the most popular section of the Schome forum, used for SParkers to be...uh...creative (as well as being fun)

Fox SParker - (noun) seen less in SPii (due to the lousy graphics card on her home computer), she is well on her way to becoming One of Us through the participation in forum games


Gingerbread Man - (noun) see 'Wheelo', 'colour change'

God - (noun) any (male) Schomer who has bothered to claim the title of being the God of something (you can only claim as-yet-unclaimed things). Current posts which are known to be taken are Hacking, Free Software and Building.

Goddess - (noun) any (female) Schomer who has bothered to claim the title of being the Goddess of something (you can only claim as-yet-unclaimed things). Current posts which are known to be taken are Lionies, Smut, Scots, Flowers, Pixxiees, Fairies and Unknowns. See 'Kali Schomer'

Government Co-ordination Department - (noun) see 'world domination'

Great Prim Wars, The - (noun) hugely significant past event which no one can actually remember

Green Spaces - (noun) avoid mentioning near Mars

Hardcore Schomers - (noun) Sometimes used to define the first SParkers. Summed up in the phrase "We are the hardcore Schomers who have been in the SL Corps since the great prim wars" posted by Flio Schomer. See 'SParker'. Note: not actually a person

Hapno-ish/Hapno-esque/Hapno-style/like Hapno - (adjective) doing something related to mental states, insanity, etc

Hapno Schomer - (noun) extremely mad, beware of his sense of humour. One of the rather more insane members of Schome Park, takes an interest in the mind and brains (especially Trix's brain). See 'Hapno-ish'

Hawaiian Shirt - (noun) Put on the sunglasses! Iconic item worn primarily by Mark SParker and supposedly only wearable by members of The Hawiian [sic] Shirts. See 'interesting dress sense'. Not to be confused with 'The Hawaiian Shirt' or 'The Hawaiian Shirts'

Hawaiian Shirt, The - (noun) the beach hut on the beach of SPii (how surprising!). Goodness knows why it's named after the iconic item, but there you are. Don't confuse with The Hawaiian Shirts'

Hawaiian Shirts, The - (noun) the group of SP regulars, who are supposedly the only people allowed to wear hawaiian shirts. Group membership appears to be limited to those people who have the most reluctance to wear the article in question ;-) members are also described as 'One of us' or 'Veterans'. See 'One of Us', 'Veterans' and 'Hawaiian Shirt', and don't confuse it with 'The Hawaiian Shirt' which is the beach hut.

Hmm - (interjection) A word commonly used by Decimus. The number of dots following it indicate length and meaning - 'hmm' is a short one with unknown meaning, even to Decimus, 'hmm...' is a longer one which indicates either the same as 'pfft' or means he's thinking and 'hmm.....' (with any number of dots greater than three) is roughly equivalent to an even longer version of the original

Interesting Dress Sense - (noun) the state of mind, which some would also call 'madness', which makes someone want to wear a hawaiian shirt. See 'Mark Sparker', 'Hawaiian Shirt', 'The Hawiian Shirts'


Kali Schomer - a member of the Government Co-ordination department, the group that is really in charge of Schome Park. Also the Goddess of all things confusing and weird. See also 'Goddess'

Lord - (noun) see 'Aston Schomer'; the guy in the top hat and black cape. No-one knows where this title came from, but it suits him. A civi up riseing started and ended in phase 2 with peasants fighting against Lord Aston

Lightswitch - (noun) something the staff desire for their little room. (Staff note: we have a lightbulb - it's a switch we lack.) See 'dictator', 'schomics'

Liony Schomer - (noun) a very dirty-minded, kilt-donning, gender-swaping person who is the Goddess of Lionies, Smut and Scots. Related to lions (somehow...) and obsessed with all things red and/or fluffy.

Lounger - (noun) a large couch that is used to pile people onto, which is great fun. See 'magic carpet'


Magic Carpet - (noun) the preferred means of transport in Schome Park, aside from flying. These can be seen in lots of places and are great fun to pile people onto. See 'lounger'

Mark SParker - (noun) one of the staff members with a very interesting taste of clothes. You may need sunglasses around this avatar. See 'Hawaiian Shirt'

Marsbar9 Schomer - (noun) Annoying alien easily spotted by the wacky hair colours. Constant source of illegal builds.

Meetings - (noun) an excuse to have a large party

Mr Cute - (noun) a teddy bear formerly the property of Flio. Seems to have disappeared in the move between SPi and SPii, but there are plans to install giant teddy bears everywhere. Teddy bears were installed but deleted.

NAGTY - (noun) the organisation, apparently for the top 5% of people aged 11-19 (though that's debatable, seeing how some people got offered places despite being of about average intelligence), who were the first people to fund Schome Park (and where all the original SParkers came from). Unfortunately, at the end of August, its five-year contract for being run by the University of Warwick will end and it will be replaced by a new, nowhere near as good (from the evidence we have), government-run project. See 'YG&T'

NAGTY Forever - (noun) a Proboards forum set up by some NAGTY members due to the imminent death of said organisation. Only ex-NAGTYers are allowed on, for obvious reasons.

Numerius Schomer - (noun) just about the only Schomer who looks vaguely sane. Also would not mind inserting a sharp prim into Decimus Schomer, just for jokes. Also manages to get on Decimus' nerves without noticing.

OLCR - (acronym) a sign that Trix is in the vicinity.

One of Us - (adjective) a description for a staff member that has been corrupted initiated into the SParker way of life. See 'Elsa SParker'

Open University - (noun) the university, based in Milton Keynes, which hosts the Schome initiative.

Opinons - (noun) something the SParkers have lots of, and aren't afraid to express.


Pixxiee - (noun) a small avatar who has Pixxiee wings and is very protective of her species. Also known as Trixxiee, Trixxiee the Pixxiee, Trix the Pix, and related

Popball - (noun) a strange football variant where you can't touch the ball, you have to keep shooting it with an automatic popgun. Originally invented by Decimus, only one game has been played, between him and Prof. See 'automatic popgun'

Queen - (noun) a group of female avatars who have crowned themselves. Notably Queen of the Pixxiees, Queen of the Flowers, Queen of the Fairies and Queen of the Unknowns (aka Trixxiee, Daisy, Tibby, Kali). The Queens are also Goddesses of what they're Queen of (though whether this is because they just are or it's part of being a Queen is debatable). See Goddess

Ranger - (noun) the guy with the big yellow hair dressed in lycra. Often found in pink towers or dancing in an interesting fashion. Now seen as 'TheSchome SParker', although still called Ranger

Revolution - (noun) Originally between Vibia and Topper, developed into a larger scale battle between the peasants and lords of Schome Park. A major turning point in Schome Park history being the first uprising and the lords were stripped of their power but kept the titles See 'Lords'


Sanity, the complete and utter lack of - (noun) a prequisite of being a Schomer, often characterised by mild violence, shouting, sarcasm, belief that magma won't harm you, and bad dress sense

Sarcasm - (noun) Hapno's preferred method of put downs, it serves as a cognitive and memetic hazard, to be avoided at all costs. Also used by Decimus sometimes - when you ask a question with an obvious (to him, at least) answer, he usually gives the opposite answer to the real one, but spelt in a way that indicates it's sarcastic (such as, "Yes, *really*") and sometimes followed by '</sarcasm>', a piece of pseudo-HTML meaning 'end of sarcasm'

Schome - (noun) A new form of education system designed to meet the needs of society and individuals in the 21st Century (unconstrained by previous education systems).

Schome group - (noun) A section of the Open University which owns Schome Park and generously handed it over to the SParkers.

Schomer - (noun) The last name of all non-staff SParkers. See 'SParker'

Schome Park - (noun) The place in TSL which is being used by the SParkers.

Schome Park Dictionary - (noun) the amazing collection of definitions of all the words you never knew you needed a definition for. Known as the SPD.

Schomic - (noun) a comic made by one of the Schome Park participants depicting strange events in Schome Park (or just telling the truth about TheSchome Ranger)

Schommunity - (noun) the collective name for all the amazing people making up the Schome community (follows the schome tradition of merging 'old words' to create new ones)

Screaming - (verb) state induced by Hapno's presence

Señor Xtapolapocetl - (noun) The King of Mount Scholympus, immortalised as a giant fire-breathing head on that mountain. Partial to sacrifices. And nibbles.

Señora Xtapolapocetl - (noun) The Queen of Mount Scholympus, rarely seen, but occasionally tags along to parties (for nibbles).

Siobhan SParker - (noun) a scarily tall staff member, known for her pink tail and hair, as well as her new hat. Greatly missed.

SL Corps - (noun) something the Hardcore Schomers have been in since the Great Prim Wars, although no-one knows what they are. See 'Hardcore Schomers', 'Great Prim Wars'

SParker - (noun) A person who goes on Schome Park.

SParkers Against Mega Builds - (noun) A organization against large builds that went up in SPi, Namely Sky base and Mars

SPD - (acronym) see 'Schome Park Dictionary'

SPi - (noun) The original Schome Park, which was destroyed and replaced by SPii.

SPii - (noun; pronunced spee, as in Nintendo Wii) Schome Park 2, the second and current island of Schome.

Spiral Schomer - (noun) Fearless vanguard party of Sparkers: The Second Generation.

SSF - (adjectives plus noun) Schome Strange Force. Product of the SL physics engine, discovered and described by members of the physics strand.

Sumo - (noun) 'see 'Volcano Sumo'

TibbyFairy Schomer - (noun) also known as 'Tibs' or 'TibbyF', usually seen with black/grey clothing and sometimes wings, a General Affairs Department Officer. Has been made Queen of the Fairies, which you can tell by the black crown. Most commonly seen in the Japanese Garden or Blue Mango. See 'Blue Mango, The'

Topper Schomer - (noun) Usually seen wearing formal clothing or Hawaiian Shirts. Always weres a Top hat. Sailing nut. See also: revolution/SParkers against mega builds

TSLNAGTYSPIIPBFFEAEAE - (acronym) a very long acronym made up by Daisy and Trix. Best not to ask what it stand for, although we assure you it's something amazing

Trebuchet - (noun) Ostensibly a vital part of an educational strand on Schome Park, the trebuchet has been put to most telling use in the Forum Food Fight. Mostly put to use by Vibia. See Vibia Schomer

Trixxiee Schomer - (noun) known for her extremely long forum posts and hard-to-spell name (nickname: Trix), as well as her Pixxiee nature. You can tell she is near by the immense amounts of OLCR and Queen music. Cannot build to save her life (, no, probably not even if her life depended on it), and her scripting is pretty dreadful too, but she can create tutorials on the wiki for people to read (if they can cope with her large post lengths). Most commonly found on the forum or wiki. See 'Pixxiee', 'Queen', 'OLCR'


V - (noun) Denizen of the Forum, politicised by the Cooler, known for identity confusion and anarchist sympathies. Don't see 'Hapno Schomer' or 'Wintermute Schomer'.

Veteran - (noun) A long-term member of the schome community, represented by an avatar on the isle of SPii. See 'One of Us' and 'Hawaiian Shirts, The'.

Vibia Schomer - (noun) Generally referred to as 'Vib' or 'Vibs'. A slightly starnge member of Schome Park, is obsessed with Doctor Who and keeps changing her clothes. The founder of the revolution. See 'Revolution'

Volcano Sumo - (noun) also known as 'The Sport of Kings (and Queens)', this is a wrestling game played over the fires of Mt. Scholympus in which the contestants attempt to push each other into the lava.

Wheelo Schomer - (noun) wears a bubble suit and is called a 'gingerbread man' by himself (but seemingly nobody else) See 'bubble suit', 'gingerbread man'

Wintermute Schomer - (noun) a previous occupant of Schome Park, murdered by our benign dictator (apparently, though this was never proven), reincarnated as Hapno Schomer and currently kow on the Forum as Dante. The remainder of Wintermute's orignal brain now resides in a floating ball that accompanies Hapno. See 'Hapno Schomer'

Woop Kamachi - (noun) the staff member who built SPi and a lot of SPii. He is the Schome God of Building.

World domination' - the members of Schome Park that are really in charge (formally known as Trixxiee Schomer, Kali Schomer and Daisy Schomer). See also 'Co-ordination department'

Xtapolapocetl - (noun) See 'Señor Xtapolapocetl' and 'Señora Xtapolapocetl'


YG&T - (noun) The replacement for NAGTY (see its entry for details) which appears to be nowhere near as good as NAGTY. Nicknamed Yoghurty, because it apparently sounds like that. Or was it actually named because of the quote, "Who would put this man in a position where he could endanger the whole crew? Who? Only a yoghurt.", from Red Dwarf.

Zinc Mines - (noun) Yet to be discovered underneath the island. We might be able to use it

Zoetrope - (noun) 1830s version of Second Life. Would have been more convincing if they had invented decent graphics cards first.

Zooplankton - (noun) Now extinct on SPii after our pet dolphin got hungry one day. :-(