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Schome Park closure

Phase 3 of the Schome Park Programme ended on 31 May 2008 - we are currently busy analysing data and writing up.

Schome Park on Teachers' TV

Teachers' TV has just launched a programme on the use of virtual worlds which features two groups working within the Schome Park Programme - students and staff from South East Grid for Learning and from the Skinningrove Jetty Project. The programme helps to illustrate how virtual worlds can be used in formal educational contexts to enhance many aspects of learning.

MySchome magazine - Edition 2

You can download a copy of the MySchome magazine as a pdf file (1.2Mb). This edition includes items on Schome in Space, The Savvy Avvies, Trixxie's tips, The Y Factor competition and much more ... (Mars is to be congratulated (yet again) on pulling together a fantastic second edition - nice one Mars)

Time Travellers into the final

The Schome team entering the Handheld Learning Conference ‘Learners Y Factor’ competition were invited to make a presentation of their work and learning experiences in London at the Handheld Learning Festival on Monday 13th October. They presented to over 100 people as well as 3 judges, and in the end finished 2nd! They all won some fantastic prizes! Well done everyone! (You can see our presentation here)

Schome in Space

The space experiment team submitted their final s.c.h.o.m.e. (spectroscopy, climate and habitability from orbital measurement of earthshine) instrument proposal to SSTL on Monday. A pdf of the final document is available on the OU Knowledge Network

MySchome and History review

Did you participate in the creation of MySchome, or did you take part in any of the History sessions? If so, why not get involved in the write up of reports coving both topics? For more information see the forum board "Reflection and forward planning."

MySchome magazine - Edition 1

You can download a copy of the MySchome magazine either as a pdf file (17Mb) or as a zip file (11Mb). This edition includes items on Archaeology, Schome in Space, Poetry, Sailing in SP, Trixxie's tips, Character design and much more ... (Mars is to be congratulated on pulling together a fantastic first edition - nice one Mars)

Recognising staff input ...

As the Schome community has grown and developed over the past year I have enjoyed having the opportunity to work with new folk. I feel it is time to acknowledge the countless hours put in by our dedicated staff team, often invisibly. Not sure how to do this, but I have made a start by writing a mini, reflective case study about Amba's role so far. (Hmm - I wonder if I should have done it as a blog entry instead?)

Schome Park Events

You can find more about our recent activities on the Schome Park bliki
Details of Schome Park buddies are recorded on the buddy page

Some user pages to look out for

Why don't you create your own and add it to this list?

Agmspiijgarden.jpgSchome Park's Japanese Garden...

300px-Spiipreview1.jpgThe Blue Mango meeting place

300px-Spiipreview2.jpgBeachside café the Hawaiian Shirt.

Betapreview1.jpg First glimpses of Schome Park Beta...

Betapreview2.jpg The airlock between the sims

Betapreview4.jpg Island view

Betapreview3.jpg The Beta environment

Betapreview5.jpg The Beta Japanese garden...

About Schome Park

Last meeting on Schome Park

Schome Park (made up of SP Alpha and Beta) is the Schome island on the Teen Grid of Second Life. Student residents are known as Schomers and the Staff as SParkers.

Past Schome Park Projects

Getting help

Funding and sponsors

January to April 2007: NAGTY (The National Association of Gifted & Talented Youth) and the Innovation Unit funded the initial schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot, which involved 150 students from NAGTY plus experts from the Open University, Warwick University, Liverpool University and the National Physical Laboratory Find out more ...

Check out the schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot's final report - this report provides a brief summary of key findings and lessons learnt from the Pilot. Thanks to all concerned for their contributions.

Thanks to the Innovation Unit for their ongoing support
May to December 2007: Becta provided funding to extend the work on the schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot, and in particular to extend the constituency of the Schome Park community. Find out more ...
Further funding: Phase 3 was funded by The Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology and the Pedagogy, Learning And Curriculum Research Group (both at The Open University).
Time Explorers Thanks to JDC, RM and Sums Online, sponsors of the Time Explorers' entry into the Y Factor competition for innovative approaches to learning.
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