Schome Laserquest Challenge

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Achilles challenges you all to make a working laserquest system.

It would have to work like one and have safeguards put in to make sure the acceptable use policy (AUP) cannot be broken easily.

Players 2 or more. It ideally needs to be variable so no matter how many people (to a limit) we have, they can join.

How are teams created It could be set up so that each game can be set from no teams to team, who is in what team could be set up at a panel or just be random.

How do you regonise active players? Perhaps different-coloured target suits, de-activated if no movement for a minute?

Play area Could be a maze in a dome area, the dome being the place where the game is situated, area about 25x25m

Hits usually in a game your gun and targets are deactivated for say 3-5 seconds to allow you to get away (and to avoid someone just standing and hitting someone repeatedly). No recoil.

Game Modes Game 1 - High Score Wins: perhaps 10 points for a hit, -5 for being hit, and maybe some point bonuses available. Game 2 - Eliminator: one hit means you're out, last player standing wins.

Equipment a sort of suit connected to the body to act as a target, so hits with the laser are registered and scored(could be coloured to denote team), a laser obviously - could be a modified popgun, the maze for play area

Operation A panel could control the teams and settings (kept simple to deal with lsl), another is a touch panel which players touch to enter the game, we may have a shout receiver so someone says "/8 achilles schomer red" and the team for this person would turn red with the last order being the active one.

When the team are ready, the controller hits a button starting a 60s clock to let people in and get ready (a automatic device can give out the suits and lasers with the the correct setting for the game) when that's up then the game starts, games could be say 15 mins long.

At the end when the time is up then the scoring cube (which gets its info from the control panel and touch-and-shout devices) shouts out the scores and who has won.

At the end of the game the players can delete the suits as they are de-activated

Because only the suit registers hits then the aup can't be broken because the lasers like popguns do nothing other than activate a suit