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SParkers gaming group - first meeting - 27 April 7.30pm
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Date: 27 April 2007
Time: From 7:30pm till 8:30pm
Venue: Schomehenge
Min: 2 Max: 20

Organiser: Informal meeting

World of Warcraft tops 8 million subscribers. Nintendo reinvents itself with the Wii and announces record profits. Computer games revenue continues to outstrip cinema. Is Half-Life 2 the greatest game of all time?

In the first session of the SParkers Gaming Group we'll review the current state of the games industry, share some of our favourite games and gaming experiences, and consider the fundamentals of good game design.

1 Wheelo Schomer
2 Woop Kamachi
3 Decimus
4 Aston Schomer
5 achilles Schomer

Games Session at Schomehenge

A free-ranging discussion took in favourite games (HL2, Baldur's Gate, System Shock2, Deus Ex, Far Cry, World of Warcraft to name but a few), favourite genres (FPS, RPG, RTS), and the essential qualities in a great game (action, unpredictability, strong characters, good narrative, multiple paths, progressive difficulty, immersive environment).
In considering whether Second Life would make a suitable environment to develop a game obvious limitations were raised (lag, limitations of LSL), but since other aspects are there the idea of a game with a number of discrete challenges was raised, involving SL skills (such as movement, manipulating objects) and challenging puzzles. Discussion on specifics to follow in the forum

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