SchomeBase Science Discussion Group Meeting 2

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"The Large Hadron Collider": 9 September 2008: 8.00pm BST
Details Participants

Date: Tuesday 9 September 2008
Time: 8.00pm BST
Venue: nOUbie Centre
Organiser: Becka Finesmith


What is the LHC?

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Any other info:


Cern public page

Cern Science

Cern podcast site

Science Discussion Group

Radio 4's Big Bang Day

1 Strangie Vaher
2 DeeDee Bookmite
3 Lionel Blaisdale
4 CC Exonar
5 Firestone Bookmite
6 Dom Easterwood
7 Penbleth Sweetwater
8 Breen Mathy
9 Smithb Windlow
10 Eshala Tabacznyk
11 Titiana Haystack
12 Lambchop Magic
13 Scathach Rhiadra
14 Sian Andel
15 Merlin Ethaniel
16 Minnie Atlas
17 Becka Finesmith

Notes from the event

You can read a transcript with images of the event here File:Chatlog9thSept2008.pdf


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