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"Life on Mars": 6 August 2008: 8.00pm BST
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Date: 6 August 2008
Time: 8.00pm BST
Venue: Open Life Teaching Space (Up the stairs and into the nOUblie centre)
Organiser: Becka Finesmith


Is there a chance that life exists or has ever existed on Mars? Can we justify missions to Mars to find out, considering other pressing issues for Humanity closer to home? What are the implications of a possible "sample return mission" if we do find life?

Any other information:
Outline of the evening

- Meet at 8pm in the nOUbie Centre.

- Brief introduction to the search for life on Mars.

- Question 1 - 20 minutes - Is life likely to exist/have existed on Mars and what were it's origins?

- Question 2 - 20 minutes - What are the implications of finding life or evidence of past life on Mars?

- Question 3 - 20 minutes - If life where found to be present now, should we abandon plans to colonise or terraform Mars?

- Short discussion on future events.

- Trip to Mars at the ISM Spaceport.


Phoenix - Although not a mission to answer the question about life on Mars, it will provide some details about the potential for conditions to be right to support life.

If you are signed up with Twitter you can sign up for tweets from MarsPhoenix and get the latest news from Mars.

Sample return wiki - Some background on sample return missions.

Why do we explore space?

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Confirmed before the event :

Hennamono Morpork
Asqa Quintessa
Scathach Rhiadra
Sian Andel
Lambchop Magic
Deanna Minotaur
Martin Pattle
daveE Heliosense
Kickaha Wolfgenhaut
Becka Finesmith


Image provided by Anne :


Image provided by John :


Notes from the event

The event was attended by 23 people.

A transcript is available online here (No images) or as a downloadable PDF - File:Marstranscript.pdf (with images). Thank you to Anna/Amalthea for providing the text to which I have added the images used on the display panel during the discussion.

A mind map of the discussion has been started by (need avatar name) and can be seen here.

Leornian kindly provided some rhetoric and useful links to support the topic File:LifeonMars.pdf (PDF Format).

The Exhibition images


Viking display.jpg


Beagle display.jpg


Phoenix display.jpg


Exomars display.jpg


ISM Display.jpg

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