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Science Discussion Group

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You can now read the Schomebase Science Blog. If you are studying science and want to contribute, please let us know --Becka 23:19, 17 August 2008 (BST)

The group has been created to allow those interested in Scientific topics to come together and discuss these subject areas. You don't have to be studying science to take part as the content will be fully accessible for all. Also expect some philosophical debate about the theory of science and the wisdom of scientists! Even if you don't want to contribute, come along and listen to what is being discussed.

The format of the evenings will be a short introduction to a main theme lasting only a few minutes. From there, three interconnected topics for discussion will be posed. Each will be debated for approximately 20 minutes. Of course, you will be free to continue the debate but may have to move to the social area at the halls if the teaching space is booked by others. The session may include a "field trip" to a location in Secondlife relevant to the discussion.

For more information on each event, Click on the link for the event you are interested in on the right.


Schomebase events

05 Thurs 20th Nov, 8pm GMT: "Mental Illness"
04 Thurs 6th Nov, 8pm GMT: "Illusions and Hallucinations"
03 Thurs 16th Oct, 8pm BST: "The beauty of Maths"
02 Tues 9th Sept, 8pm BST: "The Large Hadron Collider"
01 Wed 6th Aug, 8pm BST: "Life on Mars"

Important notice - By attending this meeting you are giving permission for your contribution to be published in the chatlog. You must voice your desire to be excluded at the meeting if you do not want your name to appear.

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