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Copied from chat...

[2008/08/10 12:19] Groovy Magic: i would use Shakespeare to light a fire with

[2008/08/10 12:19] Lambchop Magic: here here

[2008/08/10 12:19] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:19] MissyRose Ninetails: lol i second that too

[2008/08/10 12:19] Groovy Magic: only my own opinion

[2008/08/10 12:19] Groovy Magic: of course

[2008/08/10 12:19] Eshala Tabacznyk: we've made our own seating arrangements while you were away

[2008/08/10 12:19] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Sorry - graphics card has chosen this evening to die.

[2008/08/10 12:19] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: np Esh

[2008/08/10 12:19] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: What have I missed?

[2008/08/10 12:19] MissyRose Ninetails: people building chairs lol

[2008/08/10 12:20] Eshala Tabacznyk: just us making seats lol

[2008/08/10 12:20] Groovy Magic: would you like to start us off Esh?

[2008/08/10 12:20] Eshala Tabacznyk: oh ok

[2008/08/10 12:20] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I hope you only used what was washed up from the wreck.

[2008/08/10 12:20] DL Notify List v1.1: Lambchop Magic has logged on

[2008/08/10 12:20] MissyRose Ninetails: yeah mine just happened to be bright pink :D

[2008/08/10 12:20] Scathach Rhiadra: of course :))

[2008/08/10 12:20] Eshala Tabacznyk: my first book would be Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke

[2008/08/10 12:21] Eshala Tabacznyk: I've wrote a notecard out can I just hand that round?

[2008/08/10 12:21] Strangie Vaher: I loved that book. it was a bit of hard work

[2008/08/10 12:21] MissyRose Ninetails: ok esh

[2008/08/10 12:21] Eshala Tabacznyk: yes it is hard going - I got about 1/4 way thru

[2008/08/10 12:21] Lambchop Magic: fine by me, sorry I was thinking of books

[2008/08/10 12:21] Eshala Tabacznyk gave you Eshala's desert island books.

[2008/08/10 12:22] Eshala Tabacznyk: yell if I missed anyone

[2008/08/10 12:22] Groovy Magic: thanks Esh

[2008/08/10 12:22] Groovy Magic: ooops

[2008/08/10 12:22] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:22] Scathach Rhiadra is Online

[2008/08/10 12:22] Strangie Vaher: stupid chair appeard facing the wall

[2008/08/10 12:22] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Hi Scath

[2008/08/10 12:23] Groovy Magic: Hi Scath

[2008/08/10 12:23] Dylan Lefevre: i'm feeling directionally challenged myself right now lol

[2008/08/10 12:23] Eshala Tabacznyk: anyway my others, as you can see, are Urban Dreams Rural Realities by Daniel Butler & Bel crewe - and Bill Brysons autobiography

[2008/08/10 12:23] Scathach Rhiadra: Hi, I tried to close an IM and hit the wrong button

[2008/08/10 12:23] Eshala Tabacznyk: Hi Scath

[2008/08/10 12:23] Lambchop Magic: you are looking right out my computer screen Dylan

[2008/08/10 12:23] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell looks very novel, excuse the pujn.

[2008/08/10 12:24] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:24] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: pun

[2008/08/10 12:24] Eshala Tabacznyk: it is different

[2008/08/10 12:24] Eshala Tabacznyk: hard work to read which is why I abandoned it but I would try again

[2008/08/10 12:24] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Right up my street - I'm really into Sharpe, so I have a feel for the period. I love the idea of bringing magic into it.

[2008/08/10 12:24] Lambchop Magic: I would take The Stand by Stephen King

[2008/08/10 12:24] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Planning on a long stay then Lambchop!

[2008/08/10 12:24] MissyRose Ninetails: lol

[2008/08/10 12:25] Lambchop Magic: I have read it twice and each time found it really hard to put down

[2008/08/10 12:25] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: The Long version? Or the Extra Long? lol

[2008/08/10 12:25] Lambchop Magic: the extra long

[2008/08/10 12:25] Scathach Rhiadra: Dylan if you edit your sphere and rotate it you will be facing the right way

[2008/08/10 12:25] Lambchop Magic: LOL Dylan

[2008/08/10 12:25] Lambchop Magic: sorry Dylan

[2008/08/10 12:25] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I find I sometimes have to persevere with King to get into a story. The Stand was like that for me.

[2008/08/10 12:26] Dylan Lefevre: no worrries, i'm giggling a bit myself. sorry for the distraction

[2008/08/10 12:26] Lambchop Magic: True of King novels but The Stand I got straight in

[2008/08/10 12:26] Eshala Tabacznyk: yay Dylan

[2008/08/10 12:26] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:26] Groovy Magic: any others Lambchop?

[2008/08/10 12:26] Lambchop Magic: thinking

[2008/08/10 12:26] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: lol

[2008/08/10 12:26] Groovy Magic: oh ok

[2008/08/10 12:27] Groovy Magic: Comm, do you want to go next?

[2008/08/10 12:27] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Why do think The Stand would be suitable Lambchop?

[2008/08/10 12:27] Eshala Tabacznyk would secretly bring her entire bookcase to the island but won't tell anyone!

[2008/08/10 12:27] Lambchop Magic: sorry I never remember the titles so am dragging my one brain cell around

[2008/08/10 12:27] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Lamb

[2008/08/10 12:27] Lambchop Magic: The Stand would be suitable cos I like it LOL

[2008/08/10 12:27] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:27] MissyRose Ninetails: lol

[2008/08/10 12:28] Strangie Vaher: back. just let the dogs in. sorry

[2008/08/10 12:28] Eshala Tabacznyk: wb

[2008/08/10 12:28] MissyRose Ninetails: My first book would be Heidi

[2008/08/10 12:28] Groovy Magic: np

[2008/08/10 12:28] Lambchop Magic: It is also a book that I could read more than once and still enjoy it

[2008/08/10 12:28] Lambchop Magic: Heidi want a lovely story

[2008/08/10 12:28] Lambchop Magic: I take it we are stuck on the island

[2008/08/10 12:28] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I'm only familiar with an abridged version.

[2008/08/10 12:28] MissyRose Ninetails: i was named after that book and had it read to me many times as a child

[2008/08/10 12:28] Groovy Magic: yes, something to make you feel good

[2008/08/10 12:29] Groovy Magic: so its very special to you

[2008/08/10 12:29] MissyRose Ninetails: very

[2008/08/10 12:29] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Reminds me of summer holiday TV.

[2008/08/10 12:29] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: That theme tune...

[2008/08/10 12:29] Lambchop Magic: yes Heidi was always on when I was little

[2008/08/10 12:29] MissyRose Ninetails: i have so many copies of it as people felt it a good bday gift

[2008/08/10 12:29] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: lol

[2008/08/10 12:29] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:29] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I like to have copies of good books to lend to people.

[2008/08/10 12:30] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:30] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: against their will usually

[2008/08/10 12:30] Groovy Magic: not to read kic?

[2008/08/10 12:30] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 12:30] MissyRose Ninetails: yes i have lent them out many times but kept my original copy that my grandmother bought the day i was born

[2008/08/10 12:30] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Extra copies, I should say

[2008/08/10 12:30] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:30] Eshala Tabacznyk: awwww thats nice Missy

[2008/08/10 12:30] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: awww

[2008/08/10 12:30] Groovy Magic: thats lovely

[2008/08/10 12:30] MissyRose Ninetails: so thats my soppy choice lol

[2008/08/10 12:30] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Your mum had a name ready then!

[2008/08/10 12:31] Lambchop Magic: that is so nice Missy

[2008/08/10 12:31] Groovy Magic: excellent choice

[2008/08/10 12:31] MissyRose Ninetails: yes she told everyone my name was Heidi regardless what sex i came out!!!

[2008/08/10 12:31] MissyRose Ninetails: Thankfully ima girl lol

[2008/08/10 12:31] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:31] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:31] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 12:31] Strangie Vaher: phew!

[2008/08/10 12:31] Groovy Magic: rofl

[2008/08/10 12:31] MissyRose Ninetails: big phew lol

[2008/08/10 12:31] Eshala Tabacznyk: I was to be Robert if I was a boy

[2008/08/10 12:31] MissyRose Ninetails: my dads name

[2008/08/10 12:31] Groovy Magic: my sons Robert

[2008/08/10 12:32] Groovy Magic: one of them

[2008/08/10 12:32] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:32] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:32] Strangie Vaher: My son was going to be Megan if he was a girl...

[2008/08/10 12:32] Eshala Tabacznyk: thats a nice name

[2008/08/10 12:32] Strangie Vaher: although someone pointed out that megan bateman sounds like egg and bacon

[2008/08/10 12:33] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:33] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:33] MissyRose Ninetails: lol!

[2008/08/10 12:33] Eshala Tabacznyk: could go well with Sunday Rose (Roast) lol

[2008/08/10 12:33] Groovy Magic: ok

[2008/08/10 12:33] Strangie Vaher: rofl

[2008/08/10 12:33] MissyRose Ninetails: lol

[2008/08/10 12:33] Groovy Magic: who would like to go next?

[2008/08/10 12:33] Groovy Magic: any volunteers?

[2008/08/10 12:33] Eshala Tabacznyk: I could pick 3 more if you like lol

[2008/08/10 12:33] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: How about you G?

[2008/08/10 12:34] Lambchop Magic: Second book James Herbert 'Survivor'

[2008/08/10 12:34] Scathach Rhiadra: I'll go

[2008/08/10 12:34] Groovy Magic: Scath

[2008/08/10 12:34] Scathach Rhiadra: well, I'd bring Lord of the Rings

[2008/08/10 12:34] Dylan Lefevre: I'd take the I Ching

[2008/08/10 12:34] Strangie Vaher: I found that really hard to read

[2008/08/10 12:34] Scathach Rhiadra: its a great story you can get lost in

[2008/08/10 12:35] Groovy Magic: i haven't read that

[2008/08/10 12:35] Strangie Vaher: I got it on audiobook in the end

[2008/08/10 12:35] Groovy Magic: preferred Harry Potter lol

[2008/08/10 12:35] MissyRose Ninetails: i really cant get into audio books

[2008/08/10 12:35] Strangie Vaher: i listen when i'm driving

[2008/08/10 12:35] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: The world is so huge and convincing. I have to remind myself it's not just the story that;s made up.

[2008/08/10 12:35] MissyRose Ninetails: my partner never reads always opts for the audio instead

[2008/08/10 12:35] Lambchop Magic: I tried the Hoobit and failed so have never tried to read Lord of the Rings

[2008/08/10 12:35] Scathach Rhiadra: and I'd also bring Roger Penrose's Road to Reality

[2008/08/10 12:35] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: tell us about that Scath

[2008/08/10 12:36] Scathach Rhiadra: its a huge book about Mathematics and physics

[2008/08/10 12:36] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: OMG

[2008/08/10 12:36] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:36] Eshala Tabacznyk: I tried the Hobbit and it was quite hard going

[2008/08/10 12:36] Lambchop Magic: a text book?

[2008/08/10 12:36] Scathach Rhiadra: traces the subject from its beginning to present day theories

[2008/08/10 12:37] Lambchop Magic: out of my league then

[2008/08/10 12:37] Eshala Tabacznyk: I'd get lost by page 2

[2008/08/10 12:37] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: The title is enough for me.

[2008/08/10 12:37] Groovy Magic: and mine...and i work with physicists

[2008/08/10 12:37] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:37] Scathach Rhiadra: it would give me plenty to think about

[2008/08/10 12:37] Lambchop Magic: you have a point there

[2008/08/10 12:37] MissyRose Ninetails: My second book would be Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

[2008/08/10 12:37] Eshala Tabacznyk: true it would pass the time

[2008/08/10 12:38] Groovy Magic: keep you from going mad

[2008/08/10 12:38] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Ideal opportunity to learn something you might not otherwise have time for.

[2008/08/10 12:38] Hennamono Morpork is Online

[2008/08/10 12:38] Scathach Rhiadra: exactly, and no distractions

[2008/08/10 12:38] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Did I not mention the cannibals?

[2008/08/10 12:38] Lambchop Magic: and no one to explain it to me

[2008/08/10 12:38] Groovy Magic: what cannibals kic?

[2008/08/10 12:38] Scathach Rhiadra: arghhhh, should we run

[2008/08/10 12:39] Eshala Tabacznyk: just readin the synopsis online Missy - sounds good

[2008/08/10 12:39] Groovy Magic: youve got tall kic lol

[2008/08/10 12:39] Lambchop Magic: I have never heard of Water for Elephants

[2008/08/10 12:39] MissyRose Ninetails: its one i started and gave up very early on but many people have told me to give it a second chance

[2008/08/10 12:39] DL Notify List v1.1: Hennamono Morpork has logged on

[2008/08/10 12:39] Nexie Raviprakash is Online

[2008/08/10 12:39] Eshala Tabacznyk: same here ith Jonathon Strange

[2008/08/10 12:40] Eshala Tabacznyk: will look out for that book Missy - sounds like a good read

[2008/08/10 12:40] Groovy Magic: yes, it does

[2008/08/10 12:40] Strangie Vaher: just scanned it on amazon

[2008/08/10 12:40] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:40] Groovy Magic: fast worker

[2008/08/10 12:40] Eshala Tabacznyk: I was on Amazon and have now moved to Waterstones lol

[2008/08/10 12:40] Strangie Vaher: not the whole thing

[2008/08/10 12:40] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:41] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: May I paste a paragraph on each of my books?

[2008/08/10 12:41] Eshala Tabacznyk: sure

[2008/08/10 12:41] Groovy Magic: of course kic

[2008/08/10 12:41] Groovy Magic: please do

[2008/08/10 12:41] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Ludo and the Star Horse by Mary Stewart

First off, I have to admit this is a book I've only read once. My "dog-eared" version is actually on audio cassette (and read SUPERBLY by Paul Eddington) given to me when I was five or six years old.

It's the story of an eleven-year-old Bavarian lad called Ludwig and his faithful horse Renti. While being far from "true life drama" it's just the thing to put that storm-damaged palm-leaf shelter in perspective. Give me a desert island over a snow drift any day! I can't say much more without spoiling the story, but the imagery and dialogue have remained with me for over thirty years. It's a lovely tale of fantastic adventure, love and friendship which still has a message whether you're as young as I was or as old as I am(!) It speaks of courage, bullying, danger, lust, loyalty and greed. Add to that themes on euthanasia, family, animal welfare, poverty, etc. and what looks like a kid's book at the first page will stay with you long after you finish the last.

[2008/08/10 12:42] Strangie Vaher: How do I read something that faded really quickly?

[2008/08/10 12:42] Eshala Tabacznyk: click communicate Strangie

[2008/08/10 12:42] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: View > Local Chat

[2008/08/10 12:42] Eshala Tabacznyk: it should bring up the chat screen

[2008/08/10 12:42] Hennamono Morpork is Offline

[2008/08/10 12:42] Groovy Magic: hi Nex

[2008/08/10 12:43] Eshala Tabacznyk: Hi nexie :)

[2008/08/10 12:43] Strangie Vaher: thank you

[2008/08/10 12:43] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Hi nexie - glad you made it.

[2008/08/10 12:43] Lambchop Magic: Hi Nexie

[2008/08/10 12:43] Nexie Raviprakash: hii

[2008/08/10 12:43] Eshala Tabacznyk: sounds a good read Kick - lots of different themes to it

[2008/08/10 12:43] Scathach Rhiadra: Hi Nexie

[2008/08/10 12:43] Lambchop Magic: Off topic but can anyone see Nexie to me she is a tree

[2008/08/10 12:43] MissyRose Ninetails: yeah it sounds like an interesting read K

[2008/08/10 12:44] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: It's "only" a kids' book, but it has everything, lol

[2008/08/10 12:44] Groovy Magic: yes i like the sound of that one

[2008/08/10 12:44] Dylan Lefevre: i see her

[2008/08/10 12:44] Commander Quandry: I can see her

[2008/08/10 12:44] Eshala Tabacznyk: I see her

[2008/08/10 12:44] Nexie Raviprakash: its all werd lgg off and ina gain

[2008/08/10 12:44] Lambchop Magic: I must be having problems

[2008/08/10 12:44] Commander Quandry: And her flashing, bling, ring

[2008/08/10 12:44] Eshala Tabacznyk feels a trip to book store coming on

[2008/08/10 12:44] Groovy Magic: lol Esh

[2008/08/10 12:44] Lambchop Magic: brb

[2008/08/10 12:44] Lambchop Magic is Offline

[2008/08/10 12:44] Nexie Raviprakash is Offline

[2008/08/10 12:45] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I'll post a list on the Web site of all the books mentioned tonight.

[2008/08/10 12:45] Groovy Magic: thanks kic xxx

[2008/08/10 12:45] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: who is next?

[2008/08/10 12:45] MissyRose Ninetails: my third book would be My Point...And I DO Have One by Ellen DeGeneres

[2008/08/10 12:45] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: tell on...

[2008/08/10 12:45] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Is that the actress?

[2008/08/10 12:46] MissyRose Ninetails: i have read it a couple of times already (just finished her second book) and she is so funny

[2008/08/10 12:46] MissyRose Ninetails: its a book that would cheer me up

[2008/08/10 12:46] DL Notify List v1.1: Hennamono Morpork has logged off

[2008/08/10 12:46] Eshala Tabacznyk: I remember watching Ellen years ago - it was so funny

[2008/08/10 12:46] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Is it a novel or biographical?

[2008/08/10 12:46] MissyRose Ninetails: she has a chat show now

[2008/08/10 12:46] Eshala Tabacznyk: wb Nex

[2008/08/10 12:46] Eshala Tabacznyk: Kick have you grown tall?

[2008/08/10 12:47] MissyRose Ninetails: its more random thoughts/insights and made up stories...kind of like her stand up shows

[2008/08/10 12:47] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Yes, my pose died when I crashed I think

[2008/08/10 12:47] Eshala Tabacznyk: ah right

[2008/08/10 12:47] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: OK

[2008/08/10 12:47] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I was going to suggest we each submit a short exerpt from one of our Desert Island Books and we can include them on the Web page too.

[2008/08/10 12:48] Scathach Rhiadra: good idea Kick

[2008/08/10 12:48] Groovy Magic: ok kic, how do we do that?

[2008/08/10 12:48] Eshala Tabacznyk: ok will do - how do we get them onto the webpage?

[2008/08/10 12:48] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I don't think copyright will be an issue if we're essentially plugging the books.

[2008/08/10 12:48] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: E-mail them to me and I'll knock up something structured.

[2008/08/10 12:49] Commander Quandry: It would be fair use

[2008/08/10 12:49] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I have another two books to go... may I cram No.2 in at this point?

[2008/08/10 12:49] Groovy Magic: how long should it be?

[2008/08/10 12:49] Groovy Magic: please do

[2008/08/10 12:49] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Not too short, not too long, Groovy. lol

[2008/08/10 12:49] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Utopia by Thomas More

I haven't read this book for many years but I remember thinking "why yes!" every few paragraphs. It's basically a prescription for a happy land, thinly disguised, I recall, as a story of chance meeting. Sort of an opposite to the Ancient Mariner! The word "utopia" seems to be only used in a derogatory fashion these days, as if to strive for a better world is somehow silly. But many of More's ideas (eg: those on health care) are so "obvious" it's staggering that their implementation still eludes us today, despite their value being appreciated. I'm sure that not every idea in the book has stood the test of time, but if any castaways are washed up with me, we could do worse than refer to Utopia when we build our island society.

[2008/08/10 12:49] Scathach Rhiadra: lol

[2008/08/10 12:49] Eshala Tabacznyk: whats your email addy then Kick?

[2008/08/10 12:50] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: ****@********

[2008/08/10 12:50] Eshala Tabacznyk: k

[2008/08/10 12:51] Strangie Vaher: I've had to go onto my facebook to remind myself which books I've read

[2008/08/10 12:51] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: lol

[2008/08/10 12:51] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I did that!

[2008/08/10 12:51] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 12:51] MissyRose Ninetails: lol you have the iread app then?

[2008/08/10 12:51] Strangie Vaher: yep

[2008/08/10 12:51] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol I went to my bookcase - I'm not so techy as yous ;)

[2008/08/10 12:51] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Has anybody else got another title to talk about?

[2008/08/10 12:52] Nexie Raviprakash is Online

[2008/08/10 12:52] Strangie Vaher: I can have a go

[2008/08/10 12:52] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Go for it

[2008/08/10 12:52] Strangie Vaher: I used to read a lot of fantasy

[2008/08/10 12:52] MissyRose Ninetails: lol im a saddo who has her books listed in a notebook

[2008/08/10 12:52] MissyRose Ninetails: dont ask lol

[2008/08/10 12:52] MissyRose Ninetails: i have chat lag

[2008/08/10 12:52] Strangie Vaher: one of my fave series was The Belgariad by David Eddings

[2008/08/10 12:52] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: My missus is Eddings mad.

[2008/08/10 12:53] Commander Quandry: Now we're talking

[2008/08/10 12:53] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: What's it about?

[2008/08/10 12:53] Strangie Vaher: The characters are very sardonic. just my sense of humour

[2008/08/10 12:53] Commander Quandry: Read all of Eddings fantasy

[2008/08/10 12:53] Strangie Vaher: it's pretty standard fantasy

[2008/08/10 12:54] Strangie Vaher: boy discovers he's sorcerer king

[2008/08/10 12:54] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: What is the demarcation between sci-fi and fantasy? Or is one a subset of the other?

[2008/08/10 12:54] Strangie Vaher: I would say that sci fi is science based, technology etc.

[2008/08/10 12:55] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: OK

[2008/08/10 12:55] Eshala Tabacznyk: Hi Henna

[2008/08/10 12:55] Strangie Vaher: but fantasy is magic so you don't have to have an excuse for why something is possible

[2008/08/10 12:55] Nexie Raviprakash: futurustuc

[2008/08/10 12:55] Lambchop Magic: Fantasy is magic?

[2008/08/10 12:55] Eshala Tabacznyk: oooh chat lag

[2008/08/10 12:55] Commander Quandry: SciFi should be plausable - at least in a future sense

[2008/08/10 12:55] Hennamono Morpork: Got back in eventually!

[2008/08/10 12:55] Commander Quandry: Fantasy doesn't have to be

[2008/08/10 12:55] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I see.

[2008/08/10 12:55] Commander Quandry: Magic, Gods, etc.

[2008/08/10 12:55] Strangie Vaher: yes.

[2008/08/10 12:55] Scathach Rhiadra: Hi Henn

[2008/08/10 12:56] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: So there's considerable overlap in certain books then.

[2008/08/10 12:56] Nexie Raviprakash: fantasy in not based in rl

[2008/08/10 12:56] Commander Quandry: There can be

[2008/08/10 12:56] Strangie Vaher: although the story has been done a thousand times I like Eddings humour

[2008/08/10 12:56] Lambchop Magic: Hi Henn

[2008/08/10 12:56] Dylan Lefevre: Guess that puts Terry P in his place then?

[2008/08/10 12:56] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: lol

[2008/08/10 12:56] Eshala Tabacznyk is Online

[2008/08/10 12:56] Commander Quandry: Dune would/could be classed as Science Fantasy for instance

[2008/08/10 12:56] Nexie Raviprakash: a made up world

[2008/08/10 12:56] Strangie Vaher: yes, it's got both

[2008/08/10 12:56] Commander Quandry: it is set in the future - but is has a mystical element

[2008/08/10 12:57] Nexie Raviprakash: there is science fiction fantasy

[2008/08/10 12:57] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I suppose The Force makes Atsr Wars similar then

[2008/08/10 12:57] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Star Wars

[2008/08/10 12:57] Scathach Rhiadra: oh, you have just reminded me, I loved Dune

[2008/08/10 12:57] Commander Quandry: To an extent

[2008/08/10 12:57] Hennamono Morpork: But there is mysticism in RL so is it fantastical?

[2008/08/10 12:57] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Dune seems to be hated or loved doesn't it.

[2008/08/10 12:57] Lambchop Magic: I loved it

[2008/08/10 12:58] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I took one look at the thickness of the spine and ran from the shop.

[2008/08/10 12:58] Strangie Vaher: I saw the movie. David Lynch is God

[2008/08/10 12:58] Scathach Rhiadra: well the book was much better than the film

[2008/08/10 12:58] Lambchop Magic: but ruined by films and games

[2008/08/10 12:58] Hennamono Morpork: Dune: first four books ok but after that bad

[2008/08/10 12:58] Nexie Raviprakash: the spice

[2008/08/10 12:58] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: That your aftershave Nex?

[2008/08/10 12:58] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 12:58] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 12:59] Eshala Tabacznyk: prefer brut myself ;)

[2008/08/10 12:59] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Has anybody not nominated a book yet?

[2008/08/10 12:59] Groovy Magic: me

[2008/08/10 12:59] Nexie Raviprakash: me

[2008/08/10 12:59] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Go on then Groovy.

[2008/08/10 12:59] Hennamono Morpork: Nominated a book - as in truly great?

[2008/08/10 12:59] Groovy Magic: i would take "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett

[2008/08/10 12:59] Eshala Tabacznyk: books youd take on a desert island with you Henna

[2008/08/10 12:59] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Not exactly Henn

[2008/08/10 13:00] Lambchop Magic: ones to take on an island with us

[2008/08/10 13:00] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: And reasons why Henn.

[2008/08/10 13:00] Hennamono Morpork: Long ones then...

[2008/08/10 13:00] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: tell us of Pillars G.

[2008/08/10 13:00] Nexie Raviprakash: ooh not heard of that g

[2008/08/10 13:00] Lambchop Magic: not heard of that

[2008/08/10 13:00] Strangie Vaher: is there a book called "How to get off an island"?

[2008/08/10 13:00] Groovy Magic: set in the middle ages, it has just about everything

[2008/08/10 13:00] Groovy Magic: and its long

[2008/08/10 13:01] Groovy Magic: it touches all your emotions

[2008/08/10 13:01] Hennamono Morpork: Still Life With Woodpecker

[2008/08/10 13:01] Nexie Raviprakash: whats it about

[2008/08/10 13:01] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: What genre would you say it was Groovy?

[2008/08/10 13:01] Groovy Magic: fiction

[2008/08/10 13:01] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Strangie: I considered The SAS Survival Handbook, but thought it was a cop-out!

[2008/08/10 13:01] Lambchop Magic: wow it follows history though, sinking of White Ship etc

[2008/08/10 13:01] Groovy Magic: it shows how life was at the time

[2008/08/10 13:02] Scathach Rhiadra: is it a thriller?

[2008/08/10 13:02] Lambchop Magic: thank you seems something I would enjoy

[2008/08/10 13:02] Hennamono Morpork: It caused me to get together with my wife and we're still together 20 years on so it can't be that bad!

[2008/08/10 13:02] Groovy Magic: what a struggle it was for ordinary people

[2008/08/10 13:02] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I like it when a historical novel can "educate" you without actually seeming to. One of the reasons I like Sharpe.

[2008/08/10 13:02] Groovy Magic: there is some intrigue in it

[2008/08/10 13:02] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Is it set in this country G?

[2008/08/10 13:03] Eshala Tabacznyk: just read the plot syn online - sounds good Henna

[2008/08/10 13:03] Nexie Raviprakash: must take loads research

[2008/08/10 13:03] Groovy Magic: yes kic

[2008/08/10 13:03] Lambchop Magic: love Sharpe esp. Sean Bean

[2008/08/10 13:03] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Well, he's not in the books, sadly.

[2008/08/10 13:03] Groovy Magic: its about the building of a cathedral...hence pillars of the earth

[2008/08/10 13:04] Lambchop Magic: I shall have to have a read

[2008/08/10 13:04] Groovy Magic: well worth it

[2008/08/10 13:04] Nexie Raviprakash: i havnt read much historical stufff

[2008/08/10 13:04] Groovy Magic: you now nex?

[2008/08/10 13:04] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: yes Nex... the trick is to not let the research show I suppose. Let it com,e across "naturally"

[2008/08/10 13:04] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Go for it NExie.

[2008/08/10 13:05] Nexie Raviprakash: mm i got lag but il try ty g

[2008/08/10 13:05] Hennamono Morpork: Research is vital in history

[2008/08/10 13:05] Nexie Raviprakash: Harper Lee's to kill a mockingbird

[2008/08/10 13:05] Hennamono Morpork: Puts me right off when I notice a book is wrong!

[2008/08/10 13:05] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Good one Nexie.

[2008/08/10 13:06] Nexie Raviprakash: hope over prejudice

[2008/08/10 13:06] Nexie Raviprakash: and the man as an involved father

[2008/08/10 13:06] Hennamono Morpork: I'd nominate Cryptomnicon apart from the dreadful Scottish bit - bad history!

[2008/08/10 13:07] Nexie Raviprakash: black vs white

[2008/08/10 13:07] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: It's bittersweet though, isn't it. Not all the Good Guys win.

[2008/08/10 13:07] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Realistic

[2008/08/10 13:07] Nexie Raviprakash: set in 1930s

[2008/08/10 13:07] Lambchop Magic: sad?

[2008/08/10 13:07] Nexie Raviprakash: yes but very beleivable

[2008/08/10 13:07] Lambchop Magic: ty

[2008/08/10 13:07] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: And a rare one cos the film does it justice.

[2008/08/10 13:08] Lambchop Magic: Oh does it I have seen the film but they are hardly ever as good as the book

[2008/08/10 13:08] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Agreed Lambchop. This is an exception to the rule.

[2008/08/10 13:08] Hennamono Morpork: Film does which justice? Am I still too laggy to make sense of stuff?

[2008/08/10 13:08] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Mockingbird

[2008/08/10 13:08] Nexie Raviprakash: only wrote one book and that is it but brlliant

[2008/08/10 13:09] Hennamono Morpork: Ah -agreed!

[2008/08/10 13:09] Nexie Raviprakash: not a big book either but contains so much

[2008/08/10 13:09] Lambchop Magic: I will add to my list of to read then

[2008/08/10 13:09] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I have only reread it once since school, to my shame. But i watch the film once or twice a year.

[2008/08/10 13:10] Dylan Lefevre: ok did anyone else see vapour trails?

[2008/08/10 13:10] Nexie Raviprakash: harper lee's to kill a mockingbird is a must

[2008/08/10 13:10] Lambchop Magic: ty

[2008/08/10 13:10] Hennamono Morpork: Perhaps we should do desert island movies?

[2008/08/10 13:10] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Congrats Nexie - I think that's the closest to "Literature" with a capital "L" we've come today, lol

[2008/08/10 13:10] Lambchop Magic: No Dylan

[2008/08/10 13:10] Nexie Raviprakash: oh

[2008/08/10 13:10] Dylan Lefevre: oooooooooooooookkkkay...............

[2008/08/10 13:10] Scathach Rhiadra: did you mean when Groovy went

[2008/08/10 13:11] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Flashbacks Dylan?

[2008/08/10 13:11] Dylan Lefevre: I wish!

[2008/08/10 13:11] Nexie Raviprakash: im glad i managed that

[2008/08/10 13:11] Lambchop Magic: Sorry Dylan wasn't being funny

[2008/08/10 13:11] Scathach Rhiadra: her particles

[2008/08/10 13:11] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I'm itching to share my third choice if it's OK with everyone...?

[2008/08/10 13:11] Groovy Magic: yes please kic

[2008/08/10 13:11] Scathach Rhiadra: go on Kick

[2008/08/10 13:11] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome

This is a relatively new discovery for me, having only arrived on my book shelf about two years ago. It's an account of some late-Nineteenth Century layabouts messing about out of their depth on a boat trip from Kingston to Oxford. Unlike most of my favourite books, it's not been reread. Not once. There are two reasons. First is superstition; I enjoyed reading it so much that I fear revisiting it now may dilute its effects one day when I really need them, such as when I'm a bit down-in-the-dumps about being marooned on a desert island. The second and main reason is that my health isn't what it once was. I did try to reread Three Men in a Boat once, and had it confiscated by my wife when my laughter actually turned to choking. THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER READ and coming from a lifelong Douglas Adams fan, that's one helluva endorsement.

[2008/08/10 13:11] Nexie Raviprakash: yes shoot

[2008/08/10 13:12] Dylan Lefevre: With you on that one

[2008/08/10 13:12] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: ty D

[2008/08/10 13:13] Lambchop Magic: haven't read that book

[2008/08/10 13:13] Eshala Tabacznyk: another for my bookstore trip list :)

[2008/08/10 13:13] Hennamono Morpork: 3MiaB - read it as a teenager thought it brilliant but haven't revisited it since

[2008/08/10 13:13] Strangie Vaher: wow. it's only £2 on amazon. i'll give that a go

[2008/08/10 13:13] Nexie Raviprakash: oh i'll go for that then - i do need to break out off my gothic obseson

[2008/08/10 13:13] Groovy Magic: sounds like a must read

[2008/08/10 13:13] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Eshala, could you comment on the others on your notecard? We seemed to skip them.

[2008/08/10 13:13] Watt Gothly is Online

[2008/08/10 13:14] Eshala Tabacznyk: oh ok

[2008/08/10 13:14] Hennamono Morpork: I think it was a favorite of Adams

[2008/08/10 13:14] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I didn't know that Henn

[2008/08/10 13:14] Eshala Tabacznyk: Bill Brysons autobiography Life and times on the Thunderbolt Kid was one of my choices

[2008/08/10 13:14] Strangie Vaher: not read that yet.

[2008/08/10 13:14] Strangie Vaher: love Bryson

[2008/08/10 13:14] Eshala Tabacznyk: I haven't read it yet but he is one of my favourite authors. His travel books are packed with witty insights

[2008/08/10 13:15] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I was bought that for Christmas but haven't got into it somehow. His stuff is brilliant though.

[2008/08/10 13:15] Strangie Vaher: Walk in the Woods was hilarious

[2008/08/10 13:15] Eshala Tabacznyk: I've read pretty much all is travel books

[2008/08/10 13:15] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Agreed - Walk in the Woods almost made my list today.

[2008/08/10 13:15] Eshala Tabacznyk: agreed Strangie

[2008/08/10 13:15] Eshala Tabacznyk: made me want to go walk it myself lol

[2008/08/10 13:15] Hennamono Morpork: Not read much Bryson - my wife does though

[2008/08/10 13:15] Strangie Vaher: I bought hiking boots

[2008/08/10 13:15] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I've been in situations like WitW and it's SO accurate - the tantrums and the panic.

[2008/08/10 13:16] Hennamono Morpork: What situations?

[2008/08/10 13:16] Eshala Tabacznyk: my 3rd choice was Urban Dreams Rural Realities by Daniel Butler & Bel Crewe

[2008/08/10 13:16] Nexie Raviprakash: its funny how people can get on so well even like the same art or films but when it comes to boks

[2008/08/10 13:16] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Hiking miles from anywhere and arguing over which way to go, running out of food, weather closing in... lol

[2008/08/10 13:16] Eshala Tabacznyk: this couple move from London to a dilapidated Welsh farm - his dream of heavern, her idea of hell

[2008/08/10 13:17] Hennamono Morpork: I was there last month! :-)

[2008/08/10 13:17] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Is it factual Esh?

[2008/08/10 13:17] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Heaven or Hell henn?

[2008/08/10 13:17] Eshala Tabacznyk: the book is very funny as they both give their accounts of life there in the first year

[2008/08/10 13:17] Eshala Tabacznyk: yes Kick its factual

[2008/08/10 13:17] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: OK

[2008/08/10 13:18] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I might well look that one up.

[2008/08/10 13:18] Hennamono Morpork: It was hell at the time but the sense of achievement when it was over was heaven!

[2008/08/10 13:18] Nexie Raviprakash: is it dont 1 at atme

[2008/08/10 13:18] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: lol

[2008/08/10 13:18] Nexie Raviprakash: at a time

[2008/08/10 13:18] Groovy Magic: no nex, free for all

[2008/08/10 13:19] Eshala Tabacznyk: they write a month each - alternating

[2008/08/10 13:19] Lambchop Magic: LOL sounds a good read

[2008/08/10 13:19] Strangie Vaher: That sounds great

[2008/08/10 13:19] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I've come across that device before... it's great to see the previous chapter's author from another point of view suddenly.

[2008/08/10 13:20] Groovy Magic: it sounds great

[2008/08/10 13:20] Eshala Tabacznyk: yes I quite like seeing an alternate view

[2008/08/10 13:20] Nexie Raviprakash: i like the sound of that i thought when bought "lets talk about kevin" it would be like

that but its wasnt

[2008/08/10 13:20] Nexie Raviprakash: it was just her

[2008/08/10 13:20] Strangie Vaher: oh god that was an effort. i failed

[2008/08/10 13:20] Nexie Raviprakash: i gave in

[2008/08/10 13:21] Eshala Tabacznyk: whats that bout?

[2008/08/10 13:21] Dylan Lefevre: Sorry, have to go now

[2008/08/10 13:21] Nexie Raviprakash: after 3 letters

[2008/08/10 13:21] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Thanks for coming Dylan.

[2008/08/10 13:21] Eshala Tabacznyk: Bye Dylan see you again :)

[2008/08/10 13:21] Groovy Magic: thanks for coming Dylan

[2008/08/10 13:21] Lambchop Magic: ok bye Dylan

[2008/08/10 13:21] Nexie Raviprakash: bye dylan

[2008/08/10 13:21] Dylan Lefevre: TTFN an thanks for the hospitality

[2008/08/10 13:21] Strangie Vaher: bye Dylan

[2008/08/10 13:21] Hennamono Morpork: Namaste

[2008/08/10 13:22] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Nope. You got me!

[2008/08/10 13:22] Strangie Vaher: Want my second?

[2008/08/10 13:22] Nexie Raviprakash: i feel bad when i buy a book and hate it

[2008/08/10 13:22] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Yes please Strangie.

[2008/08/10 13:22] Eshala Tabacznyk: I feel cheated [2008/08/10 13:22] Nexie Raviprakash: yeh shooot

[2008/08/10 13:22] Strangie Vaher: The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich

[2008/08/10 13:22] Nexie Raviprakash: oh whats that about

[2008/08/10 13:23] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I hope it's published as a single volume, you scallywag!

[2008/08/10 13:23] Lambchop Magic: haven't heard of them

[2008/08/10 13:23] Strangie Vaher: new york girl gets a job as a bounty hunter

[2008/08/10 13:23] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Bloody hell!

[2008/08/10 13:23] Scathach Rhiadra: lol

[2008/08/10 13:23] Strangie Vaher: on off boyfriend is a cop

[2008/08/10 13:23] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: lol

[2008/08/10 13:23] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 13:23] Nexie Raviprakash: an assassin

[2008/08/10 13:23] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I like this already.

[2008/08/10 13:23] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 13:23] Eshala Tabacznyk: sounds like fun

[2008/08/10 13:24] Strangie Vaher: it's hilarious

[2008/08/10 13:24] Eshala Tabacznyk: Kick you better be writing all these titles down - I need them for my shopping list lol

[2008/08/10 13:24] Strangie Vaher: she's rubbish at it

[2008/08/10 13:24] Eshala Tabacznyk: even better!

[2008/08/10 13:24] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: So this would be your mood-lifter when a castaway.

[2008/08/10 13:24] Strangie Vaher: but everything always falls into place

[2008/08/10 13:24] Nexie Raviprakash: just copy n paste to word

[2008/08/10 13:24] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I'm on it ladies.

[2008/08/10 13:25] Eshala Tabacznyk: I crashed midway tho so have lost the first half of chat

[2008/08/10 13:25] Eshala Tabacznyk: nice one K

[2008/08/10 13:25] Nexie Raviprakash: lol to kill a mocking bird kick

[2008/08/10 13:25] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 13:25] Nexie Raviprakash: hope you thought that was funny

[2008/08/10 13:25] Strangie Vaher: last one is Jeffery Deaver. His Lincoln Rhyme series which started with The Bone Collector

[2008/08/10 13:25] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I never mock. Hardly.

[2008/08/10 13:26] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Is it better than the film?

[2008/08/10 13:26] Lambchop Magic: I loved the Bone Collector film, is the book better

[2008/08/10 13:26] Strangie Vaher: yes

[2008/08/10 13:26] Nexie Raviprakash: oo is that a murder

[2008/08/10 13:26] Eshala Tabacznyk: I've seen the film but not read the book

[2008/08/10 13:26] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Thank God

[2008/08/10 13:26] Strangie Vaher: there are loads of books.

[2008/08/10 13:26] Strangie Vaher: the plots are excellent and exciting

[2008/08/10 13:26] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Sounds like you have the beginnings of a raft then

[2008/08/10 13:27] Nexie Raviprakash: what genre is it

[2008/08/10 13:27] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 13:27] Hennamono Morpork: Can I make a recommendation?

[2008/08/10 13:27] Groovy Magic: of course

[2008/08/10 13:27] Eshala Tabacznyk: yes Henna

[2008/08/10 13:27] Strangie Vaher: i love crime books. ian rankin, kathy reichs all good

[2008/08/10 13:27] Hennamono Morpork: The Skull Mantra

[2008/08/10 13:27] Strangie Vaher: yes please

[2008/08/10 13:27] Eshala Tabacznyk: I love crime too

[2008/08/10 13:27] Nexie Raviprakash: ian rankin is good

[2008/08/10 13:27] Eshala Tabacznyk: PJ Tracey is my fave at the mo

[2008/08/10 13:27] Nexie Raviprakash: love a murder

[2008/08/10 13:27] Scathach Rhiadra: oh yes that was my 3rd book

[2008/08/10 13:28] Scathach Rhiadra: the Skull Mantra

[2008/08/10 13:28] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Tell us why Scath

[2008/08/10 13:28] Hennamono Morpork: Chinese cop is political prisoner in Tibetan labour camp when there is a murder

[2008/08/10 13:28] Nexie Raviprakash: ooh whats that

[2008/08/10 13:28] Nexie Raviprakash: are there clues

[2008/08/10 13:28] Lambchop Magic: is it set now or in the past

[2008/08/10 13:28] Eshala Tabacznyk: quite topical then

[2008/08/10 13:28] Hennamono Morpork: He is best suited to investigate even though a prisoner

[2008/08/10 13:28] Scathach Rhiadra: a lot of tibetan and Buddhist lore included

[2008/08/10 13:29] Strangie Vaher: that looks brilliant

[2008/08/10 13:29] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Yes, I will try that one too.

[2008/08/10 13:29] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: (What happened to Commander?)

[2008/08/10 13:29] Nexie Raviprakash: logged off

[2008/08/10 13:29] Eshala Tabacznyk: dunno lol

[2008/08/10 13:29] Hennamono Morpork: Water Touching Stone (sequel) is good too

[2008/08/10 13:29] Nexie Raviprakash: he is on holiday

[2008/08/10 13:29] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Oh yes.

[2008/08/10 13:29] Hennamono Morpork: Haven't read his later stuff - just as good?

[2008/08/10 13:30] Scathach Rhiadra: there is a whole series of around him

[2008/08/10 13:30] Nexie Raviprakash: and an hr ahead

[2008/08/10 13:30] Strangie Vaher: Hell, I forgot Angela's ashes. oh go they're all coming back to me now.

[2008/08/10 13:30] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 13:30] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Did anybody come up with a piece of music to compliment their book(s)?

[2008/08/10 13:30] Lambchop Magic: No

[2008/08/10 13:30] Eshala Tabacznyk: oooh no forgot that

[2008/08/10 13:30] Lambchop Magic: was I meant to

[2008/08/10 13:30] Nexie Raviprakash: edth piaf

[2008/08/10 13:31] Eshala Tabacznyk wonders if theres anything magical for Jonathan Strange lol

[2008/08/10 13:31] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Sorry Nexie? Did you slip? lol

[2008/08/10 13:31] Eshala Tabacznyk: oooh I thought of one for one of my books

[2008/08/10 13:31] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Go Esh

[2008/08/10 13:31] Nexie Raviprakash: hi have books and they disappear

[2008/08/10 13:31] Lambchop Magic: Reaper Man by Blue Oyster Cult

[2008/08/10 13:31] Strangie Vaher: hmm... Gregorian Chants?

[2008/08/10 13:31] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Blue Oyster Cult is reserved for The Stand!

[2008/08/10 13:31] Eshala Tabacznyk: For Urban Dreams, Rural Reality I could maybe go with Blur - country house

[2008/08/10 13:32] Groovy Magic: I would also take any of the Dan Brown books

[2008/08/10 13:32] Hennamono Morpork: Used to be a BOC fan but don't know that

[2008/08/10 13:32] Eshala Tabacznyk: me too Groovy

[2008/08/10 13:32] Strangie Vaher: Can't wait for his next one about Freemasonry

[2008/08/10 13:32] Lambchop Magic: not 100% sure that is the actual title

[2008/08/10 13:32] Eshala Tabacznyk: have read Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons

[2008/08/10 13:32] Nexie Raviprakash: ooh i live in klwinning mother lodge

[2008/08/10 13:32] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Peer Gynt is an obvious one for Ludo and the Star horse, I suppose. Subject-wise at least.

[2008/08/10 13:32] Strangie Vaher: yes both good. and the other two

[2008/08/10 13:32] Eshala Tabacznyk: going to try Digital Divide next

[2008/08/10 13:33] Lambchop Magic: Called 'Don't fear the Reaper'

[2008/08/10 13:33] Strangie Vaher: is that in SL?

[2008/08/10 13:33] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I loved Da Vinci Code... but I've heard Angels and Demons was a bit OTT.

[2008/08/10 13:33] Nexie Raviprakash: no in rl

[2008/08/10 13:33] Hennamono Morpork: DFTR - cool!

[2008/08/10 13:33] Eshala Tabacznyk: I preffered Da Vinci code to Angels and Demons I have to say

[2008/08/10 13:33] Scathach Rhiadra: I preferred it to Da Vinchi Code

[2008/08/10 13:33] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Something about improvising a parachute from an anorak!

[2008/08/10 13:34] Nexie Raviprakash: has anyone read focualts pendulum

[2008/08/10 13:34] Lambchop Magic: no I haven't

[2008/08/10 13:34] Scathach Rhiadra: yes, I have

[2008/08/10 13:34] Hennamono Morpork: No but I must!

[2008/08/10 13:34] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: No, but I heard of it. Remind me....

[2008/08/10 13:34] Nexie Raviprakash: i was reading that years ago and lost it is t as good as i got to

[2008/08/10 13:34] Groovy Magic: sorry all

[2008/08/10 13:34] Eshala Tabacznyk: no but that is so spooky - I'd never heard of it till the other day on SL when I saw it!!

[2008/08/10 13:35] Groovy Magic: what did i miss?

[2008/08/10 13:35] Nexie Raviprakash: wow

[2008/08/10 13:35] Hennamono Morpork: You can see the pendulum at the Science Museum

[2008/08/10 13:35] Eshala Tabacznyk: thats probably where I was

[2008/08/10 13:35] Eshala Tabacznyk: I never know wher I am lol

[2008/08/10 13:35] Nexie Raviprakash: focaults pendulum was a book i started reading in my early 20s

[2008/08/10 13:35] Strangie Vaher: where is klwinning?

[2008/08/10 13:35] Lambchop Magic: yesterday then Nexie

[2008/08/10 13:35] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Ah yes... I remember seeing Adam Hart Davis talking about it.

[2008/08/10 13:35] Scathach Rhiadra: is this the one by Umberto Eco

[2008/08/10 13:36] Nexie Raviprakash: ayrshiree strangie

[2008/08/10 13:36] Nexie Raviprakash: yes scath

[2008/08/10 13:36] Nexie Raviprakash: did you get to the end

[2008/08/10 13:36] Strangie Vaher: ahh. I'm a co mason in the midlands but don't live in my lodge

[2008/08/10 13:36] Scathach Rhiadra: lol, no

[2008/08/10 13:36] Strangie Vaher: lol

[2008/08/10 13:36] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I haven't read any Eco. For years I thought there was a book called Eco by Mr Umberto and it had loads of reprints.

[2008/08/10 13:37] Strangie Vaher: Eco, did he write name of the rose?

[2008/08/10 13:37] Hennamono Morpork: LOL

[2008/08/10 13:37] Scathach Rhiadra: yes thats him

[2008/08/10 13:37] Strangie Vaher: saw the film. excellent

[2008/08/10 13:37] Lambchop Magic: same here

[2008/08/10 13:37] Strangie Vaher: can i touch the dragon without dying now?

[2008/08/10 13:37] Nexie Raviprakash: yews he did havent read it but what a film

[2008/08/10 13:38] Strangie Vaher: a young christian slater

[2008/08/10 13:38] Eshala Tabacznyk: I like Christian Slater

[2008/08/10 13:38] Hennamono Morpork: afk

[2008/08/10 13:39] Strangie Vaher: i hired a movie called wristcutters a love story and there was a trailer with him in it at the start, really weird

[2008/08/10 13:39] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: wb Commander - just saw you there!

[2008/08/10 13:39] Groovy Magic: Comm looks like he's hanging from that tree

[2008/08/10 13:39] Lambchop Magic: looks like the Commander is about to hang himself

[2008/08/10 13:39] Lambchop Magic: sorry Groovy great minds and all

[2008/08/10 13:40] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Well he's a gonner now

[2008/08/10 13:40] Scathach Rhiadra: lol

[2008/08/10 13:40] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 13:40] Groovy Magic: yes Lamb

[2008/08/10 13:40] Eshala Tabacznyk: I went to a skate park earlier and they have a noose you can hang yourself in - not nice :(

[2008/08/10 13:40] Hennamono Morpork: back!

[2008/08/10 13:40] Nexie Raviprakash: SL cardiac arrest

[2008/08/10 13:40] Eshala Tabacznyk: wb Henna

[2008/08/10 13:41] Groovy Magic: thats awful Esh

[2008/08/10 13:41] Strangie Vaher: weird

[2008/08/10 13:41] Strangie Vaher: damn missed my chance with the dragon

[2008/08/10 13:41] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 13:41] Commander Quandry: The dragon doesn't kill - only maims

[2008/08/10 13:41] Nexie Raviprakash: have sen that esh

[2008/08/10 13:41] Nexie Raviprakash: his n hers ll

[2008/08/10 13:41] Lambchop Magic: do you want my third book

[2008/08/10 13:41] Eshala Tabacznyk: yep

[2008/08/10 13:41] Strangie Vaher: yep

[2008/08/10 13:41] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: yes

[2008/08/10 13:41] Nexie Raviprakash: ok

[2008/08/10 13:41] Lambchop Magic: My third book would be The Talisman by Peter Strauss and Stephen King

[2008/08/10 13:42] Strangie Vaher: Brilliant!!!!

[2008/08/10 13:42] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I have heard great things about it.

[2008/08/10 13:42] Strangie Vaher: I've got that to read. I'm so pleased it's good

[2008/08/10 13:42] Nexie Raviprakash: eh?? 2 authors??

[2008/08/10 13:42] Lambchop Magic: It is brilliant, though more a Fantasy than horror

[2008/08/10 13:42] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I think they took turns at chapters too...?

[2008/08/10 13:43] Groovy Magic: thats unusual

[2008/08/10 13:43] Lambchop Magic: possible

[2008/08/10 13:43] Eshala Tabacznyk: one of my books had 2 authors too

[2008/08/10 13:43] Lambchop Magic: as one is in this world the next is in another, it is all centred around a boy

[2008/08/10 13:43] Lambchop Magic: chapter that is

[2008/08/10 13:43] Nexie Raviprakash: like the game at school we played one person wrote a bit then the other?

[2008/08/10 13:43] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I remember an interview with King. He said they played silly buggers trying to write in each other's style to throw readers off the scent.

[2008/08/10 13:43] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol yeah

[2008/08/10 13:44] Lambchop Magic: I think they did another one together but I am not sure

[2008/08/10 13:44] Hennamono Morpork: I think I should include at least one graphic novel - does the artist count as a second author?

[2008/08/10 13:44] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Only if he is illiterate.

[2008/08/10 13:44] Nexie Raviprakash: well il always be thankful for the story of the langoliers

[2008/08/10 13:44] Nexie Raviprakash: graphics good----heroes lol

[2008/08/10 13:45] Strangie Vaher: ooh creepy

[2008/08/10 13:45] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I loved that Nexie ... the idea of things being dead, like petrol and matches.

[2008/08/10 13:45] Hennamono Morpork: Must good artists be illiterate?

[2008/08/10 13:45] Dragon: Passive mode

[2008/08/10 13:45] Commander Quandry is Online

[2008/08/10 13:45] Nexie Raviprakash: i have a friend i know whos is a graphic artist

[2008/08/10 13:46] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Nice work if you can get it.

[2008/08/10 13:46] Nexie Raviprakash: check out www. metaphrog

[2008/08/10 13:46] Nexie Raviprakash: one john writes the otherillustrates

[2008/08/10 13:46] Commander Quandry: OK _ seem to be working now

[2008/08/10 13:46] Commander Quandry: go ahead and touch the dragon

[2008/08/10 13:47] Hennamono Morpork: Just can't decide whether to choose Watchmen or Sandman...

[2008/08/10 13:47] Strangie Vaher: can I have a 4th?

[2008/08/10 13:47] Strangie Vaher: it could wash up in a crate like in The Sims Castaway

[2008/08/10 13:47] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 13:47] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 13:47] Groovy Magic: you ok Lamb?

[2008/08/10 13:47] Commander Quandry: Works best with sound on

[2008/08/10 13:48] Lambchop Magic: bit frazzled but fine thanks

[2008/08/10 13:48] Groovy Magic: saw fire then

[2008/08/10 13:48] Strangie Vaher: Here's a real recommendation. Billie Morgan by Joolz Denby

[2008/08/10 13:48] Lambchop Magic: have sound on and still chuckling here

[2008/08/10 13:48] Commander Quandry: LOL

[2008/08/10 13:48] Hennamono Morpork: Shouldn't it be proportional to how any books you have <--lives in a library

[2008/08/10 13:48] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 13:48] Eshala Tabacznyk: what percentage were you thinking Henna?

[2008/08/10 13:49] Strangie Vaher: hoy. one man one vote!! (or 5 or 6)

[2008/08/10 13:49] Hennamono Morpork: Hey - joke! You can't put a limit on good books

[2008/08/10 13:49] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol true

[2008/08/10 13:50] Nexie Raviprakash: i am sad and waited for irvne welsh to sign my books lol

[2008/08/10 13:50] Hennamono Morpork: Never bothered with authors autos bu still have two

[2008/08/10 13:51] Hennamono Morpork: Brother got me autographed Pratchett

[2008/08/10 13:51] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I have just taken a couple of snapshots of the meeting. If anyone needs to be airbushed out on account of their being a spy etc, please let me know.

[2008/08/10 13:51] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 13:51] Eshala Tabacznyk: lol

[2008/08/10 13:51] Scathach Rhiadra: lol

[2008/08/10 13:51] Nexie Raviprakash: lettn u knw

[2008/08/10 13:51] Hennamono Morpork: Also found autographed Moorcock in 2nd hand shop

[2008/08/10 13:51] Lambchop Magic: LOL, please remember I am not here I am doing my course work

[2008/08/10 13:52] Eshala Tabacznyk: me too Lambchop

[2008/08/10 13:52] Nexie Raviprakash: wow hanna wow

[2008/08/10 13:52] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I will photoshop in a lot of books in front of you Lambchop

[2008/08/10 13:52] Lambchop Magic: ty Kic

[2008/08/10 13:52] Strangie Vaher: I was in Borders in oxford street the other week and katie price was in there signing her books. i didn't get one

[2008/08/10 13:52] Commander Quandry: I'm not here - I'm on holiday - in a tent, in france

[2008/08/10 13:52] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 13:52] Eshala Tabacznyk: coudl you pop my TMA in front of me please kick

[2008/08/10 13:52] Nexie Raviprakash: i like katie price

[2008/08/10 13:52] Nexie Raviprakash: but shes not an author

[2008/08/10 13:53] Groovy Magic: silicon

[2008/08/10 13:53] Eshala Tabacznyk: preferably not as blank as it really is

[2008/08/10 13:53] Hennamono Morpork: I can be here - no study at the moment!!!

[2008/08/10 13:53] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Ghost writing seems to be the next Big Thing, lol

[2008/08/10 13:53] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 13:53] Nexie Raviprakash: ghost writing

[2008/08/10 13:53] Eshala Tabacznyk: Henna you lucky boy

[2008/08/10 13:53] Hennamono Morpork: Can someone ghost write my novel please?

[2008/08/10 13:53] Lambchop Magic: that's not fair

[2008/08/10 13:53] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: np Henn. I have ability but no ideas!

[2008/08/10 13:54] Nexie Raviprakash: ghost write myne to

[2008/08/10 13:54] Eshala Tabacznyk: I got to go now - it's been great tonight - see yous all soon :)

[2008/08/10 13:54] Strangie Vaher: I have no patience

[2008/08/10 13:54] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Thanks for coming along Esh.

[2008/08/10 13:54] Nexie Raviprakash: ok esh always a pleasure

[2008/08/10 13:54] Commander Quandry: Night Esh

[2008/08/10 13:54] Hennamono Morpork: I got to chapter 6 and got stuck

[2008/08/10 13:54] Scathach Rhiadra: night Eshala

[2008/08/10 13:54] Lambchop Magic: night Esh

[2008/08/10 13:54] Hennamono Morpork: That was 8 years ago..

[2008/08/10 13:54] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: lol

[2008/08/10 13:54] Commander Quandry: LOL Henn

[2008/08/10 13:54] Strangie Vaher: nite Eshala

[2008/08/10 13:55] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: And some authors are SO prolific. HUNDREDS of novels in a lifetime.

[2008/08/10 13:55] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Scary.

[2008/08/10 13:55] Nexie Raviprakash: thats the thing though you can start and stop a lot of things but imagination stays

[2008/08/10 13:55] Groovy Magic: would just like to thank Kic for all his hard work getting this ready for today

[2008/08/10 13:55] Hennamono Morpork: How does Pratchett do it?

[2008/08/10 13:55] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: thank you Groovy for taking charge .

[2008/08/10 13:55] Commander Quandry: Indeed - excellent Fishbowl

[2008/08/10 13:55] Nexie Raviprakash: formulae all his book are the same

[2008/08/10 13:56] Hennamono Morpork: I'm more an Adams - I'll take a bath...

[2008/08/10 13:56] Strangie Vaher: i think he lost his was in a few of them

[2008/08/10 13:56] Scathach Rhiadra: yes, thanks Croovy and Kick

[2008/08/10 13:56] Lambchop Magic: thank you kic, and thank you Groovy for taking charge and getting us started

[2008/08/10 13:56] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Baths and lunch breaks, lol

[2008/08/10 13:56] Nexie Raviprakash: thank you al

[2008/08/10 13:56] Groovy Magic: and for supplying the beautiful desert island

[2008/08/10 13:56] Strangie Vaher: LOL.

[2008/08/10 13:56] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: If anyone has suggestions for future meetings, I'm sure Nexie will be pleased to hear from you. The group is her baby really.

[2008/08/10 13:56] Strangie Vaher: it's fab. who do I contact about getting OU accom here? I forgot.

[2008/08/10 13:56] Nexie Raviprakash: ok next week

[2008/08/10 13:57] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Elsa Dickins.

[2008/08/10 13:57] Strangie Vaher: thank you

[2008/08/10 13:57] Nexie Raviprakash: think we should move on to poetry

[2008/08/10 13:57] Groovy Magic: NOOOOOOOO

[2008/08/10 13:57] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: OK NExie.

[2008/08/10 13:57] Lambchop Magic: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[2008/08/10 13:57] Nexie Raviprakash: yes

[2008/08/10 13:57] Commander Quandry: Et No

[2008/08/10 13:57] Lambchop Magic: that's as bad a Shakespeare

[2008/08/10 13:57] Scathach Rhiadra: can we include Haiku

[2008/08/10 13:57] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I'm not into poetry at all, but the group is all about broadening horizons.

[2008/08/10 13:57] Nexie Raviprakash: why no

[2008/08/10 13:57] Commander Quandry: Limericks?

[2008/08/10 13:57] Nexie Raviprakash: yes scath

[2008/08/10 13:57] Hennamono Morpork: Love haiku

[2008/08/10 13:58] Nexie Raviprakash: yees commi

[2008/08/10 13:58] Lambchop Magic: Do I choose a couple I like and share them

[2008/08/10 13:58] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: But not the one from Bridget Jones Commi!

[2008/08/10 13:58] Strangie Vaher: we could do User Guides and Manuals

[2008/08/10 13:58] Commander Quandry: Don't think I know that one

[2008/08/10 13:58] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 13:58] Nexie Raviprakash: i think 1 each or unlees its haiku then maby 3

[2008/08/10 13:58] Lambchop Magic: Poetry is sounding so much better then User guides I must admit

[2008/08/10 13:58] Scathach Rhiadra: lol

[2008/08/10 13:59] Strangie Vaher: rofl

[2008/08/10 13:59] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: There was a young lady from Ealing, who had a peculiar feeling,

[2008/08/10 13:59] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: etc

[2008/08/10 13:59] Groovy Magic: lol

[2008/08/10 13:59] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 13:59] Nexie Raviprakash: poetry can encompass nursery rhymes too

[2008/08/10 13:59] Groovy Magic: now youre talking

[2008/08/10 13:59] Lambchop Magic: I still remember the Ode th Timothy Winter from school

[2008/08/10 13:59] Groovy Magic: jack and jill

[2008/08/10 13:59] Scathach Rhiadra: how much do you want us to write about our books Kick?

[2008/08/10 13:59] Lambchop Magic: so I will choose that

[2008/08/10 13:59] Hennamono Morpork: As I suspect Scathach knows I post the odd haiku in OUSA Buddhism

[2008/08/10 14:00] Scathach Rhiadra: yes Henn, I have seen them

[2008/08/10 14:00] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I think anything up to a screenful... it's not compulsory for people to read it, so there's no need to feel you should keep it really really short.

[2008/08/10 14:00] Nexie Raviprakash: yes perhaps 1 nursery rhyme - with history what it means and 1 poem which has had a personal sentiment to you

[2008/08/10 14:00] Lambchop Magic: ok, I can cope with that

[2008/08/10 14:00] Nexie Raviprakash: how does that sound?

[2008/08/10 14:01] Scathach Rhiadra: sounds good

[2008/08/10 14:01] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Agreed Nexie - it's important to be able to justify our choices, however feebly. Otherwise we may as well just swap notecards and bugger off immediately, lol

[2008/08/10 14:01] Scathach Rhiadra: lol

[2008/08/10 14:01] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 14:01] Nexie Raviprakash: nursery rhymes are important as they are the first way that we learnt as children a little story

[2008/08/10 14:02] Groovy Magic: i can do nursury rhymes but not poetry

[2008/08/10 14:02] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: If anybody feels like reading aloud, I think that would be nice. No pressure on anyone else to do it, obviously.

[2008/08/10 14:02] Nexie Raviprakash: and they are passed down through generatons and reflect culture

[2008/08/10 14:02] Nexie Raviprakash: i think i might manage who killed jack sparrow

[2008/08/10 14:03] Nexie Raviprakash: lol

[2008/08/10 14:03] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Not Kick Crow?

[2008/08/10 14:03] Nexie Raviprakash: lol

[2008/08/10 14:03] Groovy Magic: There was once a black bird called Kic...who kept getting on my wick...

[2008/08/10 14:03] Hennamono Morpork: I've got to go! See you soon.

[2008/08/10 14:03] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: WAY ahead of you Groovy, you big bully!

[2008/08/10 14:03] Groovy Magic: rofl

[2008/08/10 14:03] Nexie Raviprakash: he ate a worm so i made him squirm

[2008/08/10 14:03] Lambchop Magic: I will do baa baa black sheep, seems to go well with my name LOL

[2008/08/10 14:03] Scathach Rhiadra: night Henn, see you again

[2008/08/10 14:04] Nexie Raviprakash: lol yeh lambsie

[2008/08/10 14:04] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: I'm going to go too... I'll get this meeting transcribed and stick links to the books on the site too.

[2008/08/10 14:04] Nexie Raviprakash: bye hennamono

[2008/08/10 14:04] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Thanks for coming everyone.

[2008/08/10 14:04] Nexie Raviprakash: ok

[2008/08/10 14:04] Groovy Magic: bye kic

[2008/08/10 14:04] Lambchop Magic: On what site Kic?

[2008/08/10 14:04] Nexie Raviprakash: no thank you kic did you enjoy it

[2008/08/10 14:04] Scathach Rhiadra: oh ,the Skull Mantra is by Eliott Pattison

[2008/08/10 14:04] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: The Schome wiki. We have a page there for the Lit group.

[2008/08/10 14:05] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Please e-mail me or IM me your excerpts.

[2008/08/10 14:05] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: And remind the ones who already left, if you see them.

[2008/08/10 14:05] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Bye for now.

[2008/08/10 14:05] Lambchop Magic: ok, I will have to write them first

[2008/08/10 14:05] Scathach Rhiadra: bye

[2008/08/10 14:05] Nexie Raviprakash: always kick did you enjoy it?

[2008/08/10 14:05] Groovy Magic: bye

[2008/08/10 14:05] Lambchop Magic: LOL

[2008/08/10 14:05] Lambchop Magic: bye

[2008/08/10 14:06] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Yes, it has been great. I am sad I missed the first two.

[2008/08/10 14:06] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: Shall we do poetry in the castle? Or save that for Horror Night?

[2008/08/10 14:06] Nexie Raviprakash: :-))))))))))))))))

[2008/08/10 14:06] Scathach Rhiadra: this has been the best

[2008/08/10 14:06] Lambchop Magic: Me too, I thought you had to read a book and then discuss, I only came tonight to be nosey

[2008/08/10 14:06] Nexie Raviprakash: mmm horror night

[2008/08/10 14:06] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: OK N.

[2008/08/10 14:06] Kickaha Wolfenhaut: See yawl...

[2008/08/10 14:06] Nexie Raviprakash: no its not a book club lambie