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"Desert Island Books" - 10 August 2008 at 8.00pm
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Date: Sunday 10 August 2008
Time: 8.00pm BST
Venue: A desert island of course!
Organisers: Groovy Magic & Kickaha Wolfenhaut


You are invited to imagine yourself a castaway on a desert island, and to choose three pieces of literature to take with you; a brief explanation of your choices is also welcome but not obligatory. (Please avoid "Cos it's great" etc.) Standards such as The Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare have been washed up on the beach with you, so we expect lots of original and/or less well known titles.

Any other information:

Aside from books, you are permitted one optional piece of music which should have some relevance to your chosen text(s).


Literature Discussion Group

1 Commander Quandry
2 Dylan Lefevre
3 Eshala Tabacznyk
4 Groovy Magic
5 Hennamono Morpork
6 Kickaha Wolfenhaut
7 Lambchop Magic
8 MissyRose Ninetails
9 Nexie Raviprakash
10 Scathach Rhiadra
11 Strangie Vaher

Notes from the event

Discussion Transcript.
Book Choices

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