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Purpose of this group


The group has been convened for two purposes.

1. To see how well collaborative projects work in Secondlife.

2. To use a variety of tools to produce an accurate virtual model of the Beagle 2 Mars Lander. This may eventually go on show inworld at a museum of space flight (Subject to acceptance).

Tools we will use

This Wiki

Google Docs - Google Docs allows us to collaboratively work on documents and dynamically update them. For this project, we will use Google docs to work on a shared activity spreadsheet and Schematic diagrams. This is now up and running. You have to be invited to take part so send me an email with your interest in the group and I will add you so you can take part. --Becka 23:05, 17 August 2008 (BST)

Google Groups. Google groups allows us to share a variety of information and also creates a closed discussion forum for the group to discuss various topics related to the project.

There is also a Schomebase Science Blog to support the project. As well as news and views from those taking part (This blog has multiple authors), some other news relating to Schomebase Science goings on will be posted.

We now have a workshop for the project which is located in the top floor of the nOUbie centre. This will provide a showcase for the project and will allow others to watch the progress of the build as it happens. Prototypes of the final model will be displayed at each stage of its development.

Google Sketchup - 3D drawing packages are expensive. Googles offering may be a free alternative. We will make use of it on this project and see how it performs.

First meeting held

The first meeting was held on August 20th at 8pm. The transcript can be found here.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be on September 17th at 8pm in the nOUbie centre. See the Schomebase events page for details.

Important notice - By attending this meeting you are giving permission for your contribution to be published in the chatlog. You must voice your desire to be excluded at the meeting if you do not want your name to appear.

Previous meeting chatlogs

August 20th 2008
September 3rd 2008
September 17th 2008 (Not yet available)

Want to know more?

Contact :

[ Rebecca Phillips