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Scholympia was one of the main buildings in Schome Park, originally being unveiled on the Schome Park bliki during the break between phase 1 and 2. In the style of greco-roman architecture the original design had pillars on. The emergency help button was also located here until phase three.

During phase three when Schome Park was split into plots, the group Terraformers took over the area, and intended to create underground caves below Scholympia. The site was altered slightly, was an underground entrance located to the left and the pillars being removed. The Terraformer group was formed by Team NCS; the original group of Americans to join the project. Due to the closure of the islands the project was never finished.

Several major events took place at Scholympia throught the three phases of the Schome Park Programme including:

  • Opening ceremony of phase 2
  • Builders' meetings
  • Government meetings
  • Filming of Schome Park for Teachers' TV
  • Closure of the overall project






Scholympia green.jpg