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Welcome to the Scho-op

Welcome to the wiki page on the Scho-op. The Scho-op is the only shop in Schome Park, and it gives out things for free. All the items available from it have been checked by the staff prior to them being given out. The Scho-op is currently located next to Scholympia, however once Schome Park is open the Scho-op is undergoing a redesign, and with Schome Park Alpha getting the same treatment, the scho-op will no doubt move.

The Scho-op was merged with Second Steps when Phase Two of Schome Park begun, and is the build that took the longest to be sorted out planning wise.

The idea of the Scho-op is to give out items that will enhance Students' activities on Schome Park, giving them additional resources to the default Linden Lab library. There is a wide variety of things available, such as textures, clothes and scripts.

General Contents

  • Vendors to give objects out
  • Help Button
  • Staff Online/Offline boards
  • Government online/offline boards
  • Possibly strands notices (depends on whether or not they're in Beta)