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SPiii is the third version of Schome Park. It will be created mid December and reopened early January.

The SPii Bliki is still in use!

3rd December

The new island is causing havoc - teleports, logging out or crashing over the new sim are all locking people out of SPii and, in an extreme case, sending Baso and Topper to Metaverse - a german sim. In the meantime, DO NOT USE TELEPORTS IN SCHOME PARK!!!

23rd November 2007

News was announced that SPii will close on the 16th December, and reopen early January '08, as SPiii, twice the size of the current island. This period of no one in world allows us to look at current b/p regulations and the buddying system, and hopefully a way for us to take over even more, allowing us more scope for shaping the island how we want it. More on this can be found here