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Induction Meeting 2 - A Sight Seeing Tour of SPii - Thursday 18th October, 8 - 9pm

A get together for new folk and those involved in supporting them

Details Participants

Date: Thursday 18th October
Time: 8-9pm BST
Venue: Newcomer's Centre
Max: 15

Organiser: SParkers with support from Amba

In this session we would like to develop a 'Sight Seeing Tour of SPii'. What sorts of things would a first time visitor like to see? What are the "best bits" and why? At the end of this meeting we would like to have a list of 'must see' attractions and a bit of information about each one.

1 Amba Sparker
2 Topper Schomer
3 Yankee Sparker (with 6 club members)!
4 achilles schomer
5 euphloozie phlox (at least for the start if poss)
6 Dudefish
7 Mars (first part)
8 Spiral (first part)
9 Elsa
10 Emodalek (last 15 mins)

Notes from the meeting

The meeting started off in the newcomers’ area, sitting on the comfy chairs thoughtfully provided by Achilles.

We looked at Mars’ tutorials. All were agreed that these are extremely helpful.

We considered what would be included in a ‘tour’ of SPii.

The most obvious were the newcomers’ area itself, the Scho-op, Scholympia, the Japanese Garden and Sandbox. Mars offered to provide a list of legal builds which would be added to the list and include recent developments such as SPii radio. The list would also include geographical features such as the volcano and the beach.

Topper put forward the idea of a boat trip, and constructed a boat for this purpose there and then. We all headed for the marina, and then set off for an adventure around the island.

Achilles is in the process of putting together a full guide to SPii, which will incorporate everyone’s contributions.

True to my word, here is the list (on top part of page): list of legal builds --Marsbar9 Schomer 09:53, 21 October 2007 (BST)

notes for next meeting (staff)
notes from previous meeting

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