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Get together of 'new folk' - Wednesday 10th October in the evening
Details Participants

Date: Wednesday 10th October
Time: From 8pm to 8:30pm
Venue: Meet in the Newcomer's Centre, just to the right of the Scho-op
Max: 20

Organiser: SParkers with support from Amba

In this session we will be getting to know each other, talking about our experiences of Schome Park so far, and generally helping each other with anything that we thing would be useful.
Any other info:
The session is aimed at folk who are 'new' to Schome Park - but that might just mean you haven't make much use of it yet even if you have been signed up for a long time. Like all sessions it is open to anyone who wants to come along - the more the merrier? Please add your name below (replacing the text that says 'REPLACE_THIS...'

Offers to date include::

  • Topper – has created a notecard with PP regulation on it
  • Mars – Tutorials
  • Achilles – Add new items to the newbie pack

1 Amba Sparker
2 Achilles (possibly)
3 Dudefish (Possibly)
4 Vibia (almost certainly)
5 Mars - I can come to help if needed (I think)
6 Topper (If i dont get too much h/w)I can do genral stuff + sailing and governeace...
7 Ranger (OK so I'm pretty old but ...)
8 Emodalek

Some ideas for things we could talk about::
(we don't have to talk about all of them! :-)

  • What does it feel like for new folk coming into SPii?
  • Would it help to have a checklist of items for buddy pairs to cover?
  • What should go into the induction pack?
  • Would it be useful to post up times when you are around to help any new people? (New people could do the same, and it might help when choosing a buddy)
  • What can we do to help new people feel as though they are part of the Schome community?
  • What is important to you about the way we work together in Schome?
  • When should we hold the follow up meeting? Next Thursday 8pm?

Notes from the meeting

1. How does it feel to be new?
- There is a lot of information at first. It is a struggle to keep up with the forum

2. How can we make it easier to get to grips with the forum?
- Do what we were doing now (i.e. meet in world to chat)

- Make it clearer which boards to read, perhaps by posting up a list of the boards which are relevant to newcomers.

- Point people in the schome park area of the forum Ranger’s original idea was to use the SPii buddies board to make things simpler.

- New folk should set everything to read and only keep up with things they are interested in

3. Buddies
- General feeling was that the buddy system was a good idea. It is good to have someone to talk with.

- The need for a buddy is on the first time visit. Can be a problem if you find that you having to wait for your buddy.

- There are a lot of things to cover, and it’s hard to get everything into a conversation without boring the new person.

4. Handbook, welcome pack and tutorials
- All very useful, thanks to those who have been involved in putting these together. pdfs can be read while waiting for a buddy, and referred to later.

5. Communicating the important things about Schome
- Different folk want to focus on learning different things

- Important difference in Schome is the method of learning – lassiez-faire, no formality most of the time. Can mess around a lot more, it’s not rigid. if you want to test something, you can. Unlike school, you don’t have to stick to what you’ve been told to.

6. What next?
- Induction sessions need more discussion. Education dept was trying to sort them out, but they need finalising.

- An idea: Make a rollercoaster, monorail or ‘bot ride’ that takes you on a ‘tour’ of Schome, and tells you what to do.

I'd recently been pondering the idea of a Tour HUD to aid this element of introduction to the island. --Dan 10:01, 11 October 2007 (BST)

Notes for next meeting

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