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Our new library

I noticed that there wasn't a library wiki page, so I've (Mars) made one for you, Trix and Hapno (a favour for the favours you've done me Trix). Trix and Hapno have done a superb job in bringing us the library, with the readers corner and I think, the new languages lab. It truly is amazing. You'll find it between the reception centre and the marina. If you can't find it still there's a tp in the mars tp room.

There's loads of things to do in Schome Park library, like the writers corner, the bookcases that take you to online books. It's a good place to go to to speak to other bookworms - after reading a lot of our User: Avatar Name pages, there's loads of us that like books.

There is already a Writers' Corner wiki page (although admittedly, it is in need of some updating, which I will get around to doing soon), and the Language Lab page, but this page could come in useful ;). - Trixxiee
Are you going to re-build the library? I am considering what will go into the new com. centre: Library is one thing if this is ok