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SP Goverment

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! sign.pngSafety Department - Welcome!

Welcome the the Schome Park Safety Department Wiki page. This is a list of all the current Schome Park Safety Department officers, you may go to their user pages or Private Message them on the Schome community forum.

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Faz Schomer Liony Schomer Mirage Schomer
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What Do We Do?

Our Job

The job of the Safety Department is to decide and practise safety rules for use of the Schome community forum, the wiki and Schome Park. Maintain and enforce these rules, lend help where it is needed, try to resolve arguments in the time needed to make healthy decisions and gather information on community views on safety within the Schome Park project. The information displayed here may be changed at any given moment by a member and department officer of the Schome Park Safety department.

Qoute from Fox Phlox: "many SParkers are members of social networking sites such as MySpace and Bebo and there you're unlikely to have a moderator breathing round your neck if you include personal information. However, remember that if you or members of your network flag up anywhere that you're part of the schome community it becomes fairly straightforward for people to link information contained about you in your postings on these forums with information you have put up elsewhere."

Safety Rules

Safety Rules

18px-Attention niels epting svg.png You should not fire a weapon or use any physical object without other avatars permission being granted. Weapons that will move an avatar a considerable distance or cause problems to an avatar are not permitted

18px-Attention niels epting svg.png You should abide by the Schome Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at all times

The Ten Schommandments
18px-Symbol OK.png Respect everyone in the community
18px-Symbol OK.png Stay anonymous
18px-Symbol OK.png Keep your passwords secret
18px-Symbol OK.png Respect Privacy
18px-Symbol OK.png Keep it clean
18px-Symbol OK.png Do not harrass anyone
18px-Symbol OK.png Do not disturb the peace
18px-Symbol OK.png don't overdo it
18px-Symbol OK.png Abide by safety dep rules and the AUP
Please click Here for the Schome Acceptable Use Policy


Safety Department Discussions

The topics are layed out newest to oldest, a maximum of 15 being displayed here. For all the topics visit the Safety Department forum Feel free to join in any of the Safety discussions on the forum.

Topic.gifWelcome to the Safety Department

Topic.gifYour online safety poll

Topic.gifHave some input on Safety

Topic.gifSafety in SPII

25px-world.pngA website on Cyberbullying - digizen.org


Safety Department polls

The polls are layed out newest to oldest, a maximum of 15 being displayed here. For all the polls visit the Safety Department forum Feel free to join in any of the Safety polls on the forum.

Poll.gif What do you think is acceptable?

Poll.gif You're online safety poll

The acceptable use policy (AUP)

http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/9607/aaaaaaok7.png Please read through the AUP (acceptable use policy) by either going to the schome park wiki page, or Clicking here.

It is important that everyone involved in the project abides by these rules.

Useful help links

Help and tutorials

If you find yourself stuck while in SecondLife, trying asking people around you. If there's no one around, Try instant messaging the SParkers1 group or staff

How to install the Second Life software

How to make Second Life run better on youre computer

looking at things

Moving around

How to use the Second Life interface

Changing youre appearance

Sending Instant Messages

Joining a group

making things

Make things talk

Editing the noticeboards

Make films in Second Life

Post a message in the Second Life help discussion




How do I join the Schome Educators' group in SL? Question: How do I join the Schome Educators' group in Second Life?

Answer: When in-world do the following

  • Go to the Edit menu and select 'Groups ...' (The groups dialogue box will open)
  • Click the Search button in the groups dialogue box (The search box will open)
  • Type schome in the find box and click the Search button (Schome educators will be listed)
  • Click on the Join button, which should be near the middle of the search box

How do I navigate around a poster so I can read it? Question: I went to Space Station Alpha and there are lots of 'posters' with a lot of text on them, I found them really difficult to read... any ideas on how to navigate round them? Can you load them into a web browser or something? is there an inline tool? (Mark Gaved)


Is free stuff safe? Question: There are loads of free stuff in Schome Park, are they safe to buy and use?

Answer: Yes, all the things you find in the Scho-op store and the SPTC are free and 100% safe

How do I wear clothes? Question: I have seen people wearing custom clothes, how do I wear them, can I create clothes?

Answer: You can wear clothes by first obtaining them from the Scho-op or your inventory library, opening up your inventory, right clicking on the clothes you want and selecting 'wear'. You can create clothes in the appearance menu by right clicking on your avatar and selecting appearance. You can also upload textures for clothes by going to file > upload, this costs $L10.

Maximum number of prims?

What's the maximum number of prims you can use to build something with? I am guessing the more prims the slower the world works, but what happens if you push it up to a really high number?

Internet Safety

25px-world.pngInternet Safety

25px-world.pngA website on Cyberbullying - digizen.org

Machinima Safety

1 software.png Machinima Safety

Machinima Software
Safe Unsafe

  • 1 software.png Fraps - A free software for filming machinima in Second Life or any other application. Better quality video than using generic Second Life filming and does not corrupt files.
  • iClone -