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Welcome to the government co-ordination department's wiki page.
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What we do

We are here to make sure that all the different departments work together and to make sure that they are listening to each other so that everything is run as smoothly as possible. We will intervene if there is a major problem or multiple departments are needed to resolve something. We will also organise 'open parliament' sessions for everyone to attend where specific matters can be discussed or just as a general meet-up to see what the different departments have been up to (always with dancing at the end!).

Who we are and how you can contact us

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Comments and Suggestions

Please leave a comment below (don't forget your name!), post something on the forum or send one of us a message (links above).

  • Sorry for intervining but I will be puting a propasal though SParliment for a indepentent commision for resolving any issues with the goverment. This will be totally indeprntent of the goverment and will stop any fellings (misplaced or not) of bais. Topper Schomer
The page on the forum about the Independant Complaints Committee can be found here - Trixxiee