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Bear in mind that due to the plot system now implemented, most of these are now irrelevant, with plot allocation being decided by Peter T (see link). Please look at the plots allocated here.


Planning permission regulations

Constantly under review-please make your suggestions here

Well, a pile of beauracracy to load you all down with, but first I'll give a quick summary of my understanding of the regulations (copied from a post to Peter T):

When a person wishes to build something permanent in-world, or on a temporary basis longer than maybe a day they must apply for permission, regardless of whether it is a personal build, what height it is at, what purpose the build fulfills etc. If there are no objections, the build will pass permission straight away. If there are at least two objections, however, there will then be a thread started and a poll. For builds less than 150m in the air there must be a discussion on the design that is to be used, whereas builds above 150m do not require this, as they will not be seen from the outside, but if there are two objections a discussion will be set up and a poll if appropriate, such as when there is an alternative design suggested.

This also applies to builds below 150m and planning permission is always subject to review, if such a review is asked for-anyone can make an objection to any aspect of a build, after which it will have to go through the same application process, although nothing inworld has to change if and until the build as it stands is specifically denied permission. Where a build is started before planning permission is applied for, a DO who notices the build will make a post applying for permission on behalf of the builder. This will pass through the normal routes of planning permission, so will pass without needing a poll unless there are two objections.

The above regulations do not apply for builds built in the sandbox. These do not require any permission and are a chance to try out new ideas and see how designs look before applying for planning permission. However, the sandbox is wiped once a week, midday Sunday (GMT). The build should preferably be made at ground level to ensure that we know where all the builds are, but can be built in the air. Please keep these builds sensible-so no 200m monstrosities, please.

In short, all builds require some form of planning permission to be built in-world, or stay in-world in the case of post hoc planning permission. The only difference for builds >150m is that they do not require an application for the design-they still need to receive permission for the concept. Anyone can raise an objection with any build and a review will be started. A DO will automatically raise an objection against a build without planning permission with the review that entails. You can build before permission is given, if necessary, but please post to say you are doing so.

I think that's about it-please complain on the discussion page, accessed through the discussion tab at the top of the page (or here) |}

Planning Permission

   * Is given through a consultation and poll, with suggestions given in-thread
   * Is seperated into permission for the concept (the purpose etc) and the design
   * Can be applied for after a design is built in-world, but should be sought before building


   * Require 10 votes or more to be valid
   * 2 to 1 should be the required majority once the poll time has elapsed before further steps are taken
   * This system requires improvement when many designs are in the poll, please make suggestions on the forum
   * Polls are only started if two objections to the proposal are received

Builds Below 150m

   * Require planning permission for both concept and design aspects of the build 
   * Builds in areas such as the beach, the volcano, and (if we get one) the eco-system, will be far more regulated
   * Builds should be sympathetic to the area, with the emphasis on suitability rather than identical builds
   * Holodeck facilities should be used where appropriate (such as a games area)
   * Should be built in the sandbox unless otherwise asked before first prim hitting sim

Builds Above 150m

   * Do not require permission for the design
   * Still require planning permission for the concept of the build, its purpose etc
   * Should be made in the sandbox unless they have permission

Sandbox Builds

   * Are any build in the area inside or above the sand box (which has now moved to NE corner)
   * Can only remain for 7 days, after which (noon on a sunday) they will be swiped from sim AUTOMATICALLY
   * Do not require planning permission unless intended to remain for foreseeable future

Build Removal

   * A build will be removed if it has failed to receive planning permission
   * Warnings will be given in-world, through IM, and the forum
   * Only if these initial warnings are not heeded will further measures be taken
   * Builds should never be deleted, only returned

The Role of Department Officers

   * Is not to control planning permission, but to organise it
   * Anyone can raise an objection to any build, or can ask a DO to do so
   * DOs will also keep a list of builds with permission, in the process of getting permission etc
   * The wiki will be useful for this-please use it and look at it regularly