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Updates on builds in SPii.

Plot Allocation

Plot locations are graded North/South and East/West, with the scale described in the table below. For North/South substitute South for West, and North for East. The coordinates are very much approximations.

Description Coordinates
West Border 0-40
West 40-70
W Central 70-100
Central 100-140
W Central 140-180
East 180-210
East Border 210-250

Plot # North/South East/West Strand/Build
1 N Central East Border Scho-Op
2 Central East Border Terrafirma
3? North E Central SPTC
4 N Central W Central Blue Mango
5? North Border East Border Sandbox
6 Central West Border Beach+Hawai'ian Shirt
7? North Border Central Other Sandbox
8? South Border East Border Ruins
9 Central W Central
10 South E Central
11? Central Central Game Zone
12 South Central
13 South West Marina
14 South Central
15? South Border West Border Lighthouse
16 South West-Central Time Explorers
17? South Border East-Central Japanese Garden
18 Central West
19 S Central West Border CSI set
20 North West

Legal Builds

This section acts as a list for those builds which were granted permission in the previous phase, phase 2, of the project. This system is now to a large degree irrelevant, due to the system of plots currently implemented (see link), but is still useful for holding the information.

  • These builds have been granted permission to stay in SPii by the community members. Polls work on a 2/1 majority, and last for 2 weeks. If by this time the issue hasn't been resolved, then an extra week may be necessary.

Legal Build Votes for/against Position in world
Scholympia n/a <150m East
Ruins n/a <150m South East
Blue Mango n/a <150m Central
Hawai'ian Shirt n/a <150m West
Zen garden (11/1) <150m South East
Experimentation Platform (9/0) >150m 100,100,200
Chess/Games Area (10/0) >150m Now removed
Volcano Sumo No objections <150m North West Alternative build: 150,60,460
Marina (12/0) <150m South West
Scho-Op/Second Steps (5/12) <150m N of Scholympus
Lighthouse (3/4/0)+ <150m NW on island
The Catacombs (12/1) >150m Now removed
Media Room (7/4/1) <150m Central
Forest No objections Part of Park?
AI Emporium 10/5/0 <150m North Central Now merged SPTC
Room of Illusion No objections >150m Now removed
Website Development 9/0/4 <150m Central Promenade Now merged SPTC
Newcomer's Area 9/1 <150m N of Scholympus
Museum/Exhibition Centre 12/0 <150m Central Promenade
Theme Park 10/2 <150m South West
Creation Centre/Sandbox II 11/1 >150m 90,200,300
Eco Information Centre 8/3 <150m North Central
Park 11/1 <150m North Central
Library/Art Gallery 8/3/1 (11/1) <150m South
Mindgames 10/1 >150m 130,100,400
Skate Park 9/6/0 (15/0) >150m 150,80,610
American Clubhouse No objections To be Arranged
Racecourse 6/6/2 >150m Beta -,-,520

+ Agreed at a meeting inworld

Unauthorised Builds.

  • These builds have extended their seven day period (since first prim rezzed) or have been built outside the sandbox without previous permission.

Builds between status Owner(s) Position in world Must be removed by (2 weeks notice)
Default prim Gremlin Schomer 54,196,334
Freeview Panel and various Hapno Schomer 71,135,296
Wall Segment Schoming Pigeon 60,10,210
Machinima Sets Faz 40,80,30+180,110,370+200,70,500
Titanic Mars 150,140,300
Courthouse Faz 20,100,420
Various Federal 60,200,40 2nd April

Illegal Builds.

  • These builds have not been removed by their removal date. Staff or SParkers with mod rights must now return the build in as fewer pieces as possible. Please remove from the list after returning.

Illegal Build Owner(s) World Position in world
Vehicles Skater Alpha 150,30,300
Racecars Many-see IMs Alpha 50,30,310
Miscellanious Many Alpha 210,160,640
Cars Thespian+Budd Alpha 0,210,30 + 120,240,500
Vehicles Redpossum Alpha 130,30,150
Plane Swizz Alpha 130,60,530
Vehicles Jpskater+Swizz+Monkey Alpha 100,120,520
Various craggy Alpha 150,140,500
Various Maia+Wilco Alpha 90,200,150
SkyJet BabyBrecker Alpha 20,170,20