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Welcome to the building and planning homepage: Home | Regulations | Builds in SPii | Prim Counts | Building Help | Our Forum board | Apply for planning permission


Your building department officers are:

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Remember, we're here to assist with the smooth running of builds, but also to help you learn to build! Please ask us for help or look at theHelp Page

Our vision

We would like SPii to be an attracitve, open space with a good balance between new and old.We will hold regular meetings to discuss building or planning issues. We want people to know how to build, but also for them to follow the rules and regulations as set out below. Feel free to speak to us anytime, using either our user talk pages here on the wiki, PM on the forum, or IM in-world. We're here to help.

Departmental Links


Just to let you know that the tables on accepted, unauthorised and illegal builds has moved toSP Government: Building Department/Building Updates.