SPP TV filming to do list 07-11-19

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What Who Status
update/repair staff in-world noticeboards ??? Mars/Baso/Faz/??? Still to be done - there are a number of noticeboards showing which staff are inworld - which need to be repaired (eg they show when Faji is in world but not when TheSchome Ranger is). They also need updating - eg to remove Siobhan.
Give TheSchome Ranger a parachute Anyone who has one! Done - thanks Amba
Update the Building and Planning noticeboard in-world Mars or anyone with modification controls Updated in SCHOLYMPIA - notice near media deleted.
Clear waterways of debris before regatta TheSchome Ranger First sweep done. Will do another sweep on Monday afternoon. If there are particular things that need to be removed then tell me what and where they are.
Creat TP from Scho-op (or there abouts) to the parachute platform at 10, 245, 769 Anyone? Done by KitKatKid Schomer - This had to be done in 3 separate teleports so I have made a platform for each.
Prepare responses to questions - see the schedule on the sign up sheet so that you can cut and paste responses - to save time - indeed feel free to edit questions ... Anyone being interviewed Still to be done

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