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Evaluating student engagement and 'progress' will be an essential element of the project.

Student engagement will be established through ‘participation’ data, including:

  • System statistics on level of usage of Schome Park (see Risk Factor 7)
  • Regular ‘polls’ of usage levels within Schome Park
  • Collection of participation data by activity coordinators/leaders
  • A student survey

Students’ progress will be established in relation to two sets of ‘skills:

Students’ progress will be established through the collection of data linked with evaluation rrameworks based on these 'Second Life' and 'Knowledge Age' skills. This data collection will include:

  • A student survey towards the end of the Pilot
  • Evaluations by activity coordinators/leaders
  • Self-evaluations by students as part of their feedback on activities
  • Informal evaluations by OU support staff (related to changes in the amount and nature of support requested)